Hey, I found a dime…


I found a dime!

I walk most mornings. I’ve done so for years. I used to find coins on my way to whatever cafe I chose to have coffee/breakfast in, but haven’t found any for years now. Could this dime be a good sign? Is it possible things are picking up?


Canadian coins


Living these days is EXPENSIVE, especially here. Rents alone in my beautiful city are beyond the reach of far too many. Workers whose incomes aren’t high can’t manage to make it. So, I figured, if someone drops a coin, they bend down to pick it up.


Bus drivers are on strike


Right now our bus drivers are on strike. Hotel workers are on strike. Some school employees are on strike and teachers won’t cross the picket lines. Even  university professors are on strike. And I heard on the radio that forest workers are striking as well. Goodness…..


So there was a real dime — right there on the sidewalk in front of me. How exciting! I looked carefully to be sure it was really true. It was! Let’s hope it IS a sign things will improve for all of us.


7, Triumph

Its tough when your kids are smarter than you are


Then clever daughter Susan called and blew my whole theory to bits. ‘It has nothing to do with the economy, Mom. Nobody carries cash anymore.’

I always carry cash, but she’s right. The young don’t. Its tough when your kids are smarter than you are. Oh well, so much for my theories.


8 thoughts on “Hey, I found a dime…

  1. I always enjoy your blog posts, and this one rings true. I remember the first time I found a nickel on the sidewalk, when I was very young, and it made me very happy back then, in the ’50’s! (or was it the ’40’s?;) Recently, my daughter found a $100 dollar bill on the road, and my granddaughter found $50…what’s going on, I wonder? Maybe the younger generation are more careless with cash, when they do carry it. Sure wish I had more of it, in whatever mode!

  2. I’ve thought about not using cash, seeing as most people are switching to debit… But I think it makes me more aware of how much money I’m spending, if I have to go to the bank and get it out. IE. the more steps are involved at certain points. Like “Hey! I just took out $600 a short time ago! I should keep an eye on my spending!”

    • As for me Chris: Guess I’m just old-fashioned and accustomed to having cash with me for small purchases. Having coffee at Terra’s once, a man came in to buy a small baguette. The technology wasn’t working. He didn’t have the $2-$3 on him and had to leave bread-less. New world!

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