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Goodbye November…

My goodness it’s the end of November. I must say I’m glad to kiss this month goodbye. Our building is being upgraded — absolute madness during the pandemic! What were they thinking???

They’re replacing our balconies, glass windows and doors, repairing and painting, etc. etc. Workers hammer and bang and saw all day long five days a week. Yuk!

it’s making me crazy

They also busy themselves making appointments to do the abatement in my suite and cancel at the last minute after I’ve covered every single piece of furniture (it happened three times already) and it’s all making me crazy.

On top of it all, we (and our whole area) lost power for a day, our hot water didn’t flow for five full days (although the plumbers came each day to try again) and our elevator refused to work for almost a week! (They had to send for a part.) What’s going on??? Could it be a plot???

Nonetheless I did write a post yesterday. When I read it this morning, I hated it, so I’ll borrow again from daughter Susan. Here’s another of her ‘Muriel Says’. She is truly funny…..

Poor Susan looks really scared


Thanksgiving? Yup, I’m grateful…

It must be Thanksgiving in the States because I received a couple of cards in the mail today. As a kid I loved Halloween, but as an adult, Thanksgiving is my absolute favourite. I have much to be grateful for and don’t at all mind thinking of this holiday more than once a year. (In Canada, we celebrate it earlier, so I get to do so twice.)

daughter Susan

I’m grateful for the love of my children, son Rafi, his loving wife Chandra and their son Remy, daughter Susan and her Michael, plus others I love who care about me here and in the US.

It’s been rough with much happening where I live (or perhaps it’s that much that should be happening hasn’t been happening) and I’m exhausted by it all. Thus, I haven’t the mindset to write the post I would have wanted to, so I’ll cheat and use another one of daughter Susan’s ‘Muriel Says…’ instead.

That my daughter thinks anything I say is worth using on her Facebook is absolutely astounding to me.
Yes, I love her too….

Here it is:

A Romance…

She finds him irresistible

She knows he will not move
He has always been so still
Yet her poor heart pounds
For she finds him irresistible.

Dare she convey her love?
Will he resist her embraces?
And if he does?
What then? Oh, what then?

For so long she has waited

For so long she has longed for him
For so long she has waited
She cannot bear to wait longer
It has already been forever.

She reaches her arms around
That solid mass of maleness
At last he is in her embrace
She wants it to last forever.

She wants it to last forever

I have an interesting view of an ongoing romance from my window. Shamelessly, I pay attention to how things are proceeding. How can I help it? I’m a curious sort.

My windows face the Northern mountains. I have no interest in climbing them, but I certainly love seeing them. They are constantly changing. At night, I can see the lights of the ski run. I don’t ski, but I imagine doing so.

The view from my windows

Most beautiful clouds in the world

The cloud formations above and around these venerable mountains sometimes embrace them lovingly.

My mind can’t resist seeing these clouds, which are the most beautiful in the world, showing their love for the mountains with their warm embraces.

showing their love for the mountains