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Muriel says:

Had an email from daughter Susan saying she laughed out loud when she read the response I wrote a reader who commented on the ridiculous 40 cent adventure I had with FedEx. (See ‘I can hardly believe it myself…’ October, 2020)

Daughter Susan

Susan often laughs at stuff I say and decided to start posting them on Facebook. If truth be told, she’s as hilarious as I am any day and makes me laugh out loud too. And, when we get together, her poor husband Michael, usually quiet and normal, is perfectly capable of joining in with the nonsense.

Here’s the first in the series she plans:


I can hardly believe it myself…

photo by Chandra

Such ridiculous stuff happens in my life, even I can hardly believe it. I seem to swim in a sea of insanity. Am I the only one? Here’s the latest:

Daughter Susan sent me a birthday gift in July — a used book I enjoyed, some crackers I like and a tiny, loving book. Nice…

Happy Birthday Mom

Shortly afterwards FedEx sent me a statement for $27.19. Susan said it was incorrect and contacted them. The next month, another came. Again Susan took care of it. The most recent one reads: ‘Final Payment Reminder’. No one wants to lose their credit rating for 27 bucks, so I called poor Susan and said I’d call them myself.

Lose my credit rating for $27?

I waited much too long for an answer. What else is new? George (not his real name to save him embarrassment) looked into the matter and determined Susan was right, the invoice WAS incorrect. He decided I actually owed 40 cents.

My dear friend Celine would have asked what for, but she’s better at getting down to bare facts. I have no idea how he came to that conclusion. My response?? I just burst out laughing.

This is how I responded.

‘Surely you can write that off.’
‘Unfortunately, I can’t do that.’
‘Then, how about taking 40 cents out of your pocket and contributing it?’
‘I’m not allowed to do that.’

I couldn’t believe it. How silly to waste so much time on 40 cents in this day and age.

‘C’mon. You can’t mean that.’
‘Let me check with a colleague.’ I was again to wait on hold.
‘No. I can’t do that.’ What to do?

I DID issue a M/C payment

To end the insanity and get back to my life, I DID issue a credit card payment for 40 cents. (What will Mastercard think?) But it didn’t end there.

George had to give me a ‘Case number: #E18843733, and a Confirmation number: #96332523. He must have spent about 25 minutes on the phone with me, and I lost about an hour at my end. Was it over? No!!!

Later I received an email from FedEx in both English and French telling me the adjustment had been approved for: Invoice #243833532, Tracking number: 394423256230, etc. etc. Whew!

All is not lost however. Susan promises to send me the 40 cents in American money, which is probably worth $40,000 Canadian. Yeah!

The truth is catching on…

My daughter Susan has never been very interested in politics. However, living in Donald Trump’s America has changed that, and she has become quite active in trying to ensure that Trump does not get a second term in office. One of the things she has done is create a hilarious but pointed song/video meant to remind voters of some of the many reasons why Trump is not fit for office. I thought I would share it with you, and if you enjoy it, please feel free to share it with your friends. Here is the link (you may need to cut and paste it into your browser if clicking on it here doesn’t work):

You can also just go to YouTube and search for “The Truth is Catching On”, which is the name of the video. If you would like to see the lyrics in closed captions, click on the little “CC” on the bottom right-hand side of the video and it will bring them up.

P.S I am unable to see my children who live in the U.S. because the border is closed. Why? Because of the terrible mishandling of the pandemic. If you share our concern, please pass this along to your American friends.

My body needs my exercise classes…

I miss a lot of things these days. I miss my children who live in the U.S. — the border is closed. We love to laugh and behave nutty.

I miss friends I can’t see. I miss my book club. I miss using public transportation. (Protective loved ones don’t want me to.) My body, however, misses my Arthritis ‘Joint-works’ class I attended before the pandemic.


Dr. Google says there are about 360 joints in our bodies, and mine are loudly complaining about neglect, especially when I try to sleep.

I INTENDED to do them. I know how important they are, but somehow, it hasn’t happened as often as it should.

My bike’s easy

It ought to be easy, I’ve been good about using my Exercycle for years, but that takes little effort. Climb on, click on the DVD I’m currently watching, and viola.

Rebecca, Brian & me

Rebecca and Brian, my wonderful L.A. ‘kids’, exercise on their own at home every day. They never miss. But, too often, I do and my old bones aren’t happy. The ‘Joint-works’ routine IS complicated and requires many different movements, and I allow life to get in my way — much too often.

It was social

The class was also social and I miss that aspect of it. We all had Arthritis, had bonded, and often met for coffee afterwards. If I had been reluctant to go in the first place, I allowed myself to feel noble afterwards. It was all good.

So tell me why three weeks can now pass without ‘finding the time’ to do those exercises at home? I know they matter — I’m not totally stupid. Suggestions anyone???