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Happy Birthday…


Another birthday. Another hope that this one, at last, would bring me some wisdom. The night before I turned 86, a venerable age indeed, I crawled into bed hopeful. Surely it was time for wisdom to arrive, right???

The next morning I awoke without an iota more of that valuable stuff. Oh, well — perhaps it will happen next year.


Meanwhile, daughter Susan sent me the above greeting for my special day. I enjoyed it so much, I had to share it with you lucky folks.


Just visited loved ones in San Francisco who drove me to Nevada to visit daughter Susan and her Michael. Susan and I, as we often do, got into some mischief. Shall share some of that on my next post. Be patient…

As always, I was spoiled rotten by everyone and will be impossible for months to come.

Looks like grandson Remy keeps getting taller and taller and I keep getting shorter and shorter.

By the way, it is Susan’s birthday on August, 7th. If you can, wish HER a happy birthday.


The Boy in the Photo…

Just finished a book I was unable to put down. It grabbed my attention, held on tight, and wouldn’t let go no matter what. ‘The Boy in the Photo’ by Nicole Trope insisted I keep reading until I’d finished and I was helpless in trying to put it aside to do other things.

The story takes place in Australia, is a fast-paced roller coaster and every time I HAD to do other things in order to go on living, I resented having to do so.

Is it a pleasant story? Is it easy to deal with what is written on its pages? Absolutely not! If you can’t deal with terrible things happening to nice people, skip this one. However, if you are brave enough to stick it out, you’ll want to quickly get to each upcoming word just as I did.

I read all the time and the reaction I had to this one doesn’t happen very often. The story is about a controlling ex-husband, bent on revenge after his wife divorces him, who picks up their boy after school and disappears with the child for six long years.

When the son finally returns, he is a stranger — convinced (by his father) that his mother didn’t love or want him. He walks into a police station, tells them who he is and that his father died in a fire and he has nowhere else to go. He hates his mother. He’s been carefully turned against her by his dad.

What follows, instead of being a happy reunion, turns out to be a nightmare for everyone. Mom realizes the boy has a secret — ah, but I don’t want to ruin things for you so I will NOT tell you any more or how the book ends.

I’ve told you enough for you to understand why I couldn’t put the book down and HAD to keep reading until it ended. If you read it, let me know what YOU think.