Weird stuff happens….

Muriel2017Coincidence? Sixth sense? Deja vu? Messages in dreams? Do they really occur? Do I believe in them? Do you? I’ve experienced them too often to dismiss them as nonsense. Let me tell you about a few….

Out of the blue, I dreamed of friend L’s sister who complained of being left all alone because L moved away. Why I dreamed about them at all was beyond me.wordsagain We weren’t close. It was strange.

Imagine my surprise when I received a call from L, who had moved to L.A., where I lived. Can you explain that?


I awoke distraught.

Another morning I awoke distraught. I felt a band of iron around my chest. I’d had a terrible nightmare in which my mother (in Montreal) was crying. Although I tried and tried to, I couldn’t reach her. I telephoned her immediately.

She was in tears. She was frightened. My dad was out of town on business and had been hospitalized. My brother had gone to see him. Mom didn’t know exactly what happened and so thought the worst. Was she thinking of me? I think so….


He was reading my column!

When I moved to Vancouver from L.A., I called newspapers looking for a job. One editor said he was reading a column of mine covering the arts (in an L.A. paper) at that very moment — and it was better than theirs. What a coincidence. Can you believe that? Another employee had been to L.A. and had picked up that issue. End of story? The editor felt it was meant to be. I was hired.

In 1998, covering the Seniors’ Summit, I saw a lady performing Tai Chi. I wondered if it might help our Vestibular disorders group. I climbed down to her but she was gone and the cards she had left on a table were gone too. Oh well…



Teruko taught us for 12 years and helped many

Soon afterwards, I ran into a fellow I knew at a concert. He introduced me to his guest.

‘My, you look like a woman I saw doing Tai Chi at the Seniors’ Summit.’ I ventured.

‘That was me!’ she declared.

Teruko Uedo taught our Tai Chi class, helping many of us, for 12 years until she moved away.

These are just a few stories of many. And so I do believe weird stuff happens…..


14 thoughts on “Weird stuff happens….

  1. I believe it too, Muriel…weird stuff happens! Here’s one of my favourite quotations, which “could” be applied to the subjects of ESP, coincidences, deja vu, etc.:
    “I claim credit for nothing. Everything is determined, the beginning as well as the end, by forces over which we have no control. It is determined for the insect as well as the star. Human beings, vegetables, or cosmic dust, we all dance to a mysterious tune, intoned in the distance by a mysterious drummer.”
    —Albert Einstein
    from: The M.K. Wisehart Interview, 1930

  2. I love small world stories. Mine weren’t dreams, just events meant to be. Some stories were told to me. One was in the Sun paper in W.Vancouver.
    My first was a family in Vancouver for one year only from
    Colorado. Had to be proven that no one else in Canada could do the same job at UBC, to get his work permit. He was a Physical Psychologist. Through a few events leading up to it, we found that his wife and I were cousins! We brought back a whole generation of family that would have been lost forever. Her grandfather owned hotels in the Catskills, and her father owned gas stations.
    Hal’s brother-in-law said he grew up in Brooklyn, and the family always went to the Catskills for their vacations, and they always stopped at the gas stations owned by the Sobels.
    That was the only year I was President of our Temple Sisterhood, and she saw my name on a list.

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