The cheap thief…


photo by Chandra

My credit card number was used by someone in New York while I was at home in Vancouver. I was nowhere near New York. Upon opening my statement last night, I immediately ran to my desk and called the credit card company to report the illegal transactions.


I was asked all kinds of questions and asked a few of my own. thecardNo, I hadn’t lent my card out to anyone. Yes, I had it safely tucked away in my drawer — I even checked to reassure myself. I wondered how it could happen. They know more ways than you can imagine.


The amount in question was all of $107.48. It may not seem like much to you, but I still feel icky and and as if I’ve been violated. I don’t like someone doing this to ME. How dare they! Now I have to wait for a new card and set it all up again which is a darn inconvenience.


I was told $100 was spent at a gas station and my statement clearly indicated the $7.48 was charged at a Taco Bell. Taco Bell??? Could I not get a thief with more class? A Bon Vivant? A real sophisticate? Someone like Cary Grant in ‘To Catch a Thief’?? It’s really humiliating and a real embarrassment.


to catch a thief

Cary Grant and Grace Kelly

SardisCould he (or she) not have chosen a better place to eat? Like maybe Sardis? My Chandra, a woman with real dignity and taste, treated me to dinner at Sardis when we were in New York together. That would have been better.


What a cheapskate! The nerve! The absolute nerve! Besides, how dare he eat at Taco Bell, one of my favorite Mexican fast-food joints, and not invite me to share! I’m furious.


I love Mexican food




I’m really angry….grrrrrrrr!



12 thoughts on “The cheap thief…

  1. How dare they indeed! I will make it up to you though, when you come to visit, by treating you to a feast at Taco Bell. It might cost me $7 and change too, but you are worth it!!! : )

  2. Muriel,
    I know the feeling. Anger, frustration, helpless, and more. There is a famous wealthy celebrity whose credit card was stolen at the airport. Also a cheep thief who spent so much less than the wife of the celebrity that he decided not to report the theft to the credit card company. The monthly statements were so much lower than usual that the celebrity decided to let the cheep thief use the card for a few months. Eventually he did report the theft. But, the savings were substantial. True story. The celebrity is Steve Lawrence. His wife, Eddie Gourme, who used her husband’s credit card at places like Sachs Fifth Avenue, Nieman Marcus, I. Magnin etc.

  3. I had a burrito yesterday. It was filled with rice, beans, veggies, cheese, etc. it was from Chipotle, not Taco Bell. It was very delicious!

    Credit card thievery stinks, as do all other varieties of thievery.

    See you!


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