Where does my time go?


photo by Chandra Joy

Where does my time go? Have you see it around? I’ve been looking


Where does my time go???

everywhere for it — even checked under my bed. These days everything seems to take longer. My undeveloped brain thinks I’m capable of doing oodles of things, but my body won’t cooperate. This became especially clear when I decided I ‘should’ get rid of ‘stuff’.

Friends complain about having to dispose of too much junk when elderly parent/s pass away, so I decided to be kind to my beloved offspring and throw out what I don’t need now. My office shelves seemed the perfect place to start. Spotting the many brochures and papers saved from numerous trips abroad I decided to start there. Have I ever looked at them? No… so okay. ‘Out, out damned papers!’ I declared aloud, trying to sound like Lady Macbeth when she tried to wash the blood from her hands.

The project was terrific. It felt noble — and what fun to look at all those souvenirs before tossing them into the recycling. Then, behind one envelope, I spied a stack of annual appointment calendars from the years 2,000 to 2,005. As a self-employed individual then, I kept detailed records in case Revenue Canada decided to audit my return. These could go too. Hurrah! It felt so good until….. I decided to look at those pages before tearing them up.

How did I manage to do all those things in one day — day after day? How could I have breakfast with a friend, manage an audition at 11, attend a business meeting at 3, and attend a theatre performance the same evening? Or, meet a friend at an art exhibit in the morning, study my lines over lunch, and get to a shoot by seven? I ran from one thing to another and on to yet another.


Our wonderful book club still meets monthly

frida-kahlo self portrait. jpg

Frida Kahlo, self- portrait I saw at our local gallery

These records go back 18 years. What a merry-go-round I lived on. No wonder I’m tired today. I was writing, had constant deadlines; I was acting, with auditions to prepare for and/or lines to study for performances; I covered the arts in one of my columns, so visited museums and attended live performances; I was on our Strata Council and active in the building; my wonderful Book Club was already happening and our monthly meetings were held at my place (they still are — we’ve read over 200 books together).

funny lady at computer

Constantly facing deadlines for columns

make up

An hour to make me look older???

I noted that I attended a Film Festival in Palm Springs. A short film I co-starred in was  included. I didn’t look old enough for the part, so the makeup artist spent an hour each time to make me look older. Ha! On top of everything else, I kept up with having breakfasts, lunches and/or dinners with friends, many of whom I love and who are still in my life.


Yikes, I’m tired just looking at those pages full of stuff I used to do. These days I try to limit my obligations to one or two per day and feel lucky to make it. However, since my brain has never grown up, I continue to plan all kinds of household tasks to be done in one afternoon. Somehow, I rarely accomplish them all. What happened to all that energy? Where did I lose it? Have you seen it anywhere?


17 thoughts on “Where does my time go?

  1. Your missing energy ???
    You haven’t looked hard enough!
    Not missing ——— you just passed it on to
    All the others who will use it because you
    Have inspired them !!!!!
    Physics has taught us that energy can never be destroyed-
    But is always shared !

    Thank you !!!!!

  2. You were a busy lady in those days, but you still get more done in a week than many people half your age! And much of it is for the benefit of other people.

  3. I think you still have the positive energy, and it’s helping others, for sure! Bravo on de-cluttering. Often, when I try to do that, sentimentality gets in the way. But occasionally, when I manage to let go of something from the past, it feels quite “freeing”. Great post, Muriel….very “thought-provoking” for me!

  4. Muriel, your positive energy, zest for life and literary talent make your blogs so rewarding to read. As we age, all of us slow down a little but I an not worried about you You always keep busy with your writing, reading, exercise class, book club and schlepping to Taras for breakfast. I hope to be as amazing as you someday. Brian

  5. Your thoughts on time made me look back at my old work diaries too and like you I wonder how coped. But that was a long time ago and now I just do what I can. What a wonderfully active life you have had Muriel and it sounds as though time has not really got away as you seem very busy with things you decide to do rather than that demanded by an office agenda.

    • Thanks, as always: For reading my blog Tony. Your comments are always interesting and my book club enjoys having you as an esteemed Australian member of our group. We love and appreciate your comments on what we read each month. Love to you and Barbara

      • Thanks Muriel. I very much enjoy being a member of your book club as it has introduced me to some excellent reading material.

  6. Ha Ha! I wondered the same thing when I went on disability! You’d think you have 8 hours. But I realized that half of that 8 hours was consumed with getting the correct amount of sleep for a change. And no longer running a rat race. When you work you really only have enough time to eat dinner and get ready for the next day and veg out for 1.2 to 1 hour. Suddenly you have time to actually savour life!

  7. Muriel, you’re a powerhouse! I am not surprised at all about the eventful days in your agenda. You constantly inspire me with your positive energy and thank you for making time to see me when you can!! I’m going to email you now to see whether you have some time in the near future 🙂

  8. You didn’t include going to Montreal to see your daughter’s movie. I saw the card recently, when I was trying to organize some of my boxes of papers. If i find it again, I will ask if you want it back.
    This gadget takes up too much of my time, and I never catch up. More emails just keep coming every day, and I need to learn how to organize them in order to delete thousands at a time.
    I used to hear, “If you want something done, ask a busy person”. My kids will be very busy!

    • Thanks for taking time out of your schedule to read my blog Leonor: I certainly understand your lack of time. What happened to the idea of a leisurely retirement? I laughed at your comment ‘My kids will be very busy!’ Just have fun.

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