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Look Ma, I’m an actor…


When I was in second grade, my mom paid for me to participate in a Saturday class. We put on a play. I enjoyed it thoroughly and was looked up to by the other kids because I’d done well. When I grew up, I put those things aside.


The Goddesses of the Universe gave me the gift of a long life and way after those early days, with no one dependent on me, I became braver and able to take risks.

When I moved to this city, I noticed an ad in a local newspaper about auditions for a play. No one knew me. What did I have to lose. I got a role in ‘The Bride of Brackenloch!’ and had a ball.

In 2003 there was a role as a grandmother in ‘Love Ruins Everything’ at the Arts Club Revue, after which I auditioned for a role in ‘Tony and Tina’s Wedding’, the popular dinner/theatre show for which I actually got paid! A full year after having to leave to quit due to severe attacks of vertigo, I had a call from another cast member, Georgina. She’d auditioned for a role in a film, knew she wouldn’t get it, but thought I would. Nice…


I auditioned and obtained the co-starring role in ‘Vannica’. I didn’t look old enough and the makeup artist worked for a full hour each time I performed to make me look older. That was fascinating.
Steve Rosenberg, who wrote and directed the film, was impressed enough with my work to arrange for a REAL agent to represent me which led to roles on TV, commercials, and films. Only when my old knees objected to all the stairs one has to climb for auditions at the studios did I reluctantly quit.
What great memories!



My own ring story


photo by Chandra

I’d have thoroughly enjoyed this costume


My mask ring, photo by Samantha

jewelry ring through the years I covered the arts for newspapers in L.A. and Vancouver. I did have a collection of mask earrings to wear to performances, but I’d have worn the ring too. These days I seldom have occasion to wear it, however I do whenever I go to the opera. Then it seems right and I enjoy thinking about how I came to have it.

When I’ve traveled, I’ve often wanted to approach a stranger in the street and ask if I could provide coffee or tea and cake if they’d invite me to have it at their home. I wanted to see how locals lived. Therefore, when Tai Chi pal, Peter Lear, had friends visiting from China, I invited them over.



 Tai Chi participants, L-R: Carol, Judy, me, Donna, back: Carla & Peter, both now gone

Peter, like me, had a special interest in China and Chinese culture. He could even speak and read Mandarin and read the local Chinese newspapers. Peter’s visitors gave me this ring but it always makes me think of Peter, who is now gone but whom I so enjoyed knowing.


Japanese Noh Theatre

It seems masks have been used


Chinese opera mask

on stage throughout many cultures since antiquity. The ancient Greeks used them. Chinese opera has used them for centuries. The Romans did too, and masks remain a major part of their Venice Festival each year. I tend to think ancestors who lived in caves probably used them too.



Greek tragedy

While in Taiwan last year, I was truly fortunate to be invited to a rare and special performance of ancient Japanese opera with magnificent, colorful costumes and masks. All the roles were played by women, which I found fascinating. I still enjoy theatre — and masks.

Carnival of Venice

Venice Festival


Masks and theatre belong together

Have you ever noticed how you always get more than you give? I invited Peter’s Chinese friends over to give them a chance to see how an ordinary Canadian lives. Their gift to me in return has brought me years of pleasure.



Japanese Noh Actor