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Now Hear This!

me, 2016

at my desk

My right ear has refused to hear anything since my early fifties. It is so damaged that hearing aids couldn’t help. Meanwhile, as the years have passed, the hearing in my one operative ear has diminished. A hearing aid was in order and it does help — somewhat.

Most difficult for me are noisy environments, like restaurants or gatherings where there are many people and sounds. My oh-so capable audiologist, Grace Shyng, with more letters after her name than Heinz has ketchup, recommended I try a Phonak ComPilot with a RemoteMic.


Phonak ComPilot around my neck

My children tell me I’m technologically challenged and I agree. I didn’t grow up with all


My idea of modern devices

these modern devices, they intimidate me and it takes me time to learn how to deal with them. Grace, Head of Audiology Services for the ‘Western Institute for the Deaf and Hard of Hearing’ here in Vancouver, (a non-profit organization serving our province for over 60 years) was clever enough to realize this. Thus, instead of overwhelming me with all the things you can do with the RemoteMic, she started me off slowly.

Grace set it up and taught me how to use it so when people speak close to the mike, their voices are transferred directly into my hearing aid. The set can also be used for television, phone, or FM receiver, but I don’t yet know anything about those possibilities, nor would I be able to handle all of it right now.

Rafi with mike

Son Rafi wearing the Phonak RemoteMic

I want to share, however, how much I enjoyed using it while my dear son, Rafi, visited last week. Rafi has a soft voice and although he has always been patient with me when I have asked him to repeat, with the ComPilot and RemoteMic, it was not at all necessary.

Besides Rafi majored at university in ‘Broadcast and Electronic Communication with an Emphasis on Audio Production’. He teaches an ‘Audio Production’ class to high school students and understands more than I ever will about these things.

He kindly took the time to help me understand some of the things I would have known had I bothered to read the directions in the ‘User Guide’. (Yes, I’m guilty of putting off such things — maybe because I doubt I’d even understand them.)

Possibly, the reason I struggle so with hearing is that I only have one working ear, I’m not sure. But I am certainly grateful for this additional help and want you to know about it. I rarely recommend anything in this blog, but this has been so fantastic, I would be remiss not to share this experience with you.

Happy hearing….