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Missing you…

It seems forever since I last wrote a post. I’ve missed writing and I’ve missed you. After hand surgery, I knew typing was not going to happen for awhile but it sure has been strange.


I learned a lot from this experience. I had been taught touch-typing at school eons ago and just took it for granted, but it ain’t necessarily so… My fingers knew by heart where the letters on the keyboard were — but they obviously failed to advise my brain.

Typing with one finger for the first time, I wondered where that elusive ‘p’ was, and whatever happened to the darn ‘b’? (I recalled seeing it somewhere! ) Doesn’t every keyboard have a ‘j’? How frustrating to have that one finger ready to go while letters played hide and seek.

Well, hopefully it will all be for the best and I’ll soon be not only back to normal, but maybe even better at the art of typing with one finger.

Wish me luck!!