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Happy 50th Birthday…

I’m chuckling. Seems I always enjoyed stirring up trouble for companies who produced unhealthy, habit-forming foods. Reading some of my old letters is interesting so many years later.

In 197I, I was appalled that fruits and juices for babies had added sugar. I wouldn’t use them. My little ones drank plain fresh juice as is.

I wrote Gerbers and Beech Nut to complain. They reassured me their food was nourishing. I didn’t think so.

I don’t know what baby food manufacturers are doing today so I can’t comment on what they may add to it. All I can say is I’d be very uncomfortable about having my toddler sucking on those ‘convenient’ plastic pouches all the time. Plastic after all…

Infant sucking on plastic today
Infant chewing on plastic. Really?

Happy 50th birthday to Rafi, who was worth every effort I made towards his well-being when he was a little one.