Multitasking. Who, me?

Have you ever wanted to do two things at once and not know which you SHOULD do? That’s how I felt yesterday. I wanted to write this post. I enjoy the writing, but it’s March and tax papers are showing up in my mailbox and I SHOULD start getting my act together tax-wise, right? I ended up procrastinating and accomplished — nothing!

The taxes are complicated and I’ve learned by costly experience that Canadian accountants don’t know what to do with U.S. income so I just do them myself. (Don’t do this unless you have experience with accounting. I do.)

If I weren’t so neurotic, I’d do the post and let the taxes wait. But, this gal ain’t wired that way. I won’t rest until I see some progress on the darned tax front.

Multitasking? I’m no good at this...

I managed to get my medical expenses in order and checked the 2020 US/CAN exchange rate. Well, that’s something! I also HAVE TO do my U.S. return before I can even start the Canadian one. (Yup. It’s complicated.)

The IRS is so muddled this year (due to COVID:19) they still owe me a refund for my 2019 return which they haven’t yet gotten to. I’m not sure if they’re too busy or broke. I call them monthly and they keep telling me to call again in a month? Maybe they just enjoy hearing from me. But it is distressing to be told each time they can’t find my return…

Yeah! I’m two skinny gals.

I’m a lousy multitasker. Maybe if I could slice myself in two I could write the post and work on my taxes at the same time? Ha, maybe then I’d be two THIN ladies. Yahoo! I’ve never been thin. And, what’s if that made each of me l/2 my present age? Wouldn’t that be a hoot? What fun. I could dye one me as a redhead and let the other me have dark hair. I’ve never had red hair. Ha, ha!

Wow! I’d make one of me a redhead.

Enough nonsense. Multitask? Maybe you can, but I sure can’t.