Me versus technology


I promised Rafi I would. Okay. I WILL. After all I did promise…

My son Rafi often suggested I SHOULD learn how to use an I-Phone. It made sense. True, it would simplify life for us both. My old flip-phone won’t work in the US where he lives. Its useless when I visit — but all I can say is its easier said than done.


I stalled. HE took action. He gave me one of his!!! What to do?

I had no choice, I promised. I have a computer. I use at least 1% of what it can do, but I DO use it, so surely I can learn how to use the I-Phone, right? Plus, children learn how. Why not me?

Well, I’m not doing too well…


Patient friends try to show me how, but I’m learning there are more than one way to skin a cat. You can do it this way or that way, or then another way. One friend says this and another says that. They say this is how to take photos. Then, when they are home enjoying their OWN phones, I can’t get mine to obey me at all. Yikes!


Grrrrrrrrr. This is frustrating. I’m getting nowhere fast.
What to do dear reader????? Any suggestions????


20 thoughts on “Me versus technology

  1. Hi. IPhones and all the other smart phones have unbelievable capabilities. They can do almost everything. I’ve become fairly adept at using my iPhone, but it took a while for that to happen. There are online tutorials that will help you become comfortable with the basics.

  2. I started with tiny steps, and still mainly use my phone for the bare basics. If I can do it, you can do it for sure! Texting is fun, and very useful. And the camera is wonderful, like magic! Now, if I can just figure out how to use the WordPress blog…(life used to be so simple!)

    • I so identify with what you’re saying. When Apple ‘upgrades’ my computer or WordPress does the same, I gulp. I then have no idea how to do anything. I wish they would just leave good enough alone.
      All the best to you, Muriel

  3. Hi, Muriel. Love the post and the comments. So many great suggestions and I agree with them all. My first thought was to say just go at your own pace and have fun (you are so good at that! tee hee). Maybe try one thing you want to do with the phone and master it (then share your adventures with us, of course). Good luck!

    • You obviously understand how learning changes with age. Now I HAVE to do something again and again for it to stick in my brain full of old files.
      You can be sure I’ll keep at it and chuckle along the way. All the best to you too. Muriel

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