Yeah, another day…


The famous Canadian scientist David Suzuki said during an interview on CBC Radio that when he reached 70, he entered the death years. I like him. The man says it like it is.


When you reach MY venerable age and you wake up in the morning, it is, indeed, a good day.

Make sure you enjoy it.

24 thoughts on “Yeah, another day…

  1. My father used to say every day after 75 was a bonus day and we should luve it to the full. I pray that you will always have good health. And I hope I will be as interested in life and positive as you are, with each passing year.

  2. I feel like that about 75. Things started to wear out from then on.Now we are living on pills and with worry. I’m beginning to realise what people mean when they say they don’t want to be a burden. Could our minds be adjusting to our mortality? How can things that seemed so easy ten years ago be so difficult now? I wish I could see these extra days as a bonus. All I can see ahead of me is struggle. I’m not giving in but life aint fun anymore.

  3. Gosh Julie: I’m 86. I have maculer degeneration, get injections in my eyes regularly to slow down loss of vision; ‘Advanced’ arthritis and hurt a lot; can’t hear anything in one ear and the other gets worse with time; deal with a Vestibular Disorder (inner ear) causing dizziness which requires me to sit on my walker now and then and no balance to speak of.
    Still, each day is a gift. I suggest you wake up each morning and say that and you may find things you enjoy each day after all. Good luck, Muriel

  4. I read a book in which the centenarian author said, I wake up, read the obituaries, and if my name isn’t there, I go about my business. May you “go about your business” for many more years. Judy

    • Interesting Judy: When I hear or read about who died, I notice how much younger they were than I am.
      May you too go about your business for any years to come. All the best to you and Donna, Muriel (and let’s not forget about Bear)

  5. “The Death Years”, “The Golden Years”, however we name them, they are a challenge for everyone, one way or another! This is such a thought-provoking post, Muriel, & I appreciate the reminder to live in the present moment, to find joy wherever we can, and to stay positive, no matter what is going on! It’s not easy, but it does help…

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