Happy Birthday…


Another birthday. Another hope that this one, at last, would bring me some wisdom. The night before I turned 86, a venerable age indeed, I crawled into bed hopeful. Surely it was time for wisdom to arrive, right???

The next morning I awoke without an iota more of that valuable stuff. Oh, well β€” perhaps it will happen next year.


Meanwhile, daughter Susan sent me the above greeting for my special day. I enjoyed it so much, I had to share it with you lucky folks.


Just visited loved ones in San Francisco who drove me to Nevada to visit daughter Susan and her Michael. Susan and I, as we often do, got into some mischief. Shall share some of that on my next post. Be patient…

As always, I was spoiled rotten by everyone and will be impossible for months to come.

Looks like grandson Remy keeps getting taller and taller and I keep getting shorter and shorter.

By the way, it is Susan’s birthday on August, 7th. If you can, wish HER a happy birthday.


28 thoughts on “Happy Birthday…

  1. What do you mean, you “will be impossible for months”? You have ALWAYS been impossible — or at the very least, improbable! We loved having you here…thanks so much for coming to visit us!

    • What a ball I had visiting everyone and, yes, I was spoiled for sure. It was great.
      Yup. I guess I HAVE always been impossible. But that taught my children to be strong and to survive my insanity. Ahem!
      Love, Maughm

  2. Happy Birthday Muriel πŸ₯° I am very lucky that I have come into contact with you. I pray that I will be as active and keep my sense of humor if and when I reach your age. Positive energy just flows out from you. Your children and grandchildren are lucky that you are such an important and precious part of their lives. With love, Lakshmi

    • You made me laugh again! Yup! Susan and I did get into mischief during my visit with her and Michael. (How he puts up with me is beyond me.) Keep posted to learn what we did together. Ha, ha….

  3. My dear Muriel, belated happy birthday! πŸ₯°πŸŽ‚πŸŽ‰πŸŽ It sure looked like you enjoyed your day.
    And yes, your handsome Remy is getting taller! I don’t want to say you’re getting shorter. 😁

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