Does anyone think anymore?


What’s going on? Are they giving out free stupidity pills? More people’s brains are on vacation or something these days. Is it part of a nasty plot to destroy us all? Computers don’t yet know how to think and people have already forgotten how. I’m at a total loss to explain it.


Looking for an exercise class for seniors at a nearby facility, I ambled over and spoke with their ‘Program Director’. (Impressive title, no?) She told me the program was on their bulletin board.

I have macular degeneration and don’t see well. Besides, I’m shorter than I used to be and was short to begin with, so the sign she pointed at was impossible for me to see.


‘Please write it down for me.’ I politely requested and asked about membership fees and what the classes cost. I’d never been a member. Wouldn’t these questions hint at that??? She’d certainly never seen me before.

At home, I read: Tues. 8:30 am – 9:30 am, Thurs. 9 am – 10 am. It was Wednesday. The next morning, I got up extra early. Everything takes longer than it used to, but I did well and was at their door at 8:45 a.m. They weren’t there. The receptionist came out, locking the doors behind her. I asked about the class.


Oh, that doesn’t start until next week. It says so on the notice.’

‘Can you tell me why I wasn’t told that by the program director? Especially since I told her I couldn’t see the notice? What was she thinking?

Seems like no one knows anything anymore. I may even need to include myself — especially when I count on others. But, I won’t give up.


38 thoughts on “Does anyone think anymore?

  1. Loved your rant! It didn’t go where I expected (I’ve the very same thing myself way too many times lately, but none for your reason). Sorry. Hope you get to the class at the right time and it proves worth it. FYI,, the website of Oasis, an organization for older adults offers some wonderful classes online (and at their physical sites, too). I’ve taken exercise, yoga, tai chi, book groups, lit classes, and oh so many more. Just a thought. Caroline

    • Thank you so much Caroline: Where I live OASIS is a great resource for people with arthritis. Is it the same one? I have taken many classes but our bus system has changed and I have no way to get to those anymore. I will certainly try again this week. Wish me luck. Muriel

  2. I’m not sure whether it’s stupidity or a complete lack of consideration for others. One can’t help being stupid i guess but the other category -and it’s increasing by the day- really maddens me.

  3. Hi. My vision isn’t the greatest either. In so many places the signs/menus/etc. are written in fonts that are too small for MANY people to read, not just you and me. Why don’t these places realize that?

    • I agree Neil. Probably because they are designed by young people who aren’t yet in our position. I carry a compact magnifier which lights up (for menus) in my purse. It helps. All the best to you and yours. Muriel

  4. Dear Muriel, I feel your pain. For the last 6 months I’ve been trying to navigate the health care system in a new province. This has consisted of multiple episodes of me being scolded by doctors for not bringing something, or doing something, that no one had told me to bring/do. I feel like there is a secret network of information, which I am excluded from, that might enable me to do things correctly. Maybe there is a secret handshake or a password that I don’t know?

    • I knew it! It IS a plot to make us all feel inadequate and stupid. Well, if WE become stupid too, we’ll fit in better. Right?
      So sorry you are having such a hard time Marion. I’ll try to call you later. Love, Muriel

  5. I hope you enjoy your class. I am supposed to go every Thursday afternoon but I sometimes forget. We have a diary in the kitchen and if it isn’t written up it isn’t remembered. They stopped in the Easter holidays and I didn’t notice when they restarted. We have so many hospital appointments at present it is hard to know what day it is. We had our booster jabs on Sunday and then forgot to take our masks to the hospital to see a consultant. Good job they had some for oldies like us! Best Wishes,

  6. I agree too, Muriel…there seems to be more confusion all around, even in the health care system, sad to say! Over-use of computers may be partly to blame, offering too much quick information and addling people’s brains! Sometimes I miss the “old days” when we had more in-person, face to face contact with each other. More compassion and mindfulness would help, too! However, we keep on trying, especially as we get older, I’m finding!

  7. Yes such people do not think. She could have been more understanding. I am sur things will be better when the classes start. Each time when I read you new posts , I feel so glad that WordPress has made it possible for me to be in contact with you. Thank you.

    • And thank YOU for reading my blog. Yes, I started the class and like the people in it. I’m glad I didn’t let her spoil the opportunity. As we get older, we need to move our bodies or our bodies won’t move! Right? All the best, Muriel

    • You’re absolutely right. This was a thoughtless young woman who had no understanding of what it means to have any disability, visual or other. Thank you for reading this post. All the best, Muriel

    • Ha, ha! Yup, I may be old but I’m not dead yet. I still enjoy photos of muscular guys. The class IS good and I enjoy the other women in it, so I’m glad I didn’t let her stupidity deter me. Interesting, they all have the same opinion of her I do — including the instructor. Stay well, Muriel

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