An innocent first love…


My first love was a boy in my class at elementary school. His initials were ‘ME’. Mine were ‘MR’. What he saw in me I’ll never know, but he’d write our initials within a heart on the board for the whole class to see. And he wasn’t just teasing, we enjoyed each other.

He often invited me to play with him and his sister after school. Theirs was a child-oriented home with many games and books. I never forgot that and made sure my young children had them too.


When we were 10, he invited me to see ‘The Fun Parade’ with him at the Forum. We heard it on radio. (No one had TVs.) It wasn’t expensive — perhaps a dollar. We paid for our own tickets. There was a huge crowd, not much came to Montreal then.

At intermission, he jumped up like a Jack-in-the-box and announced: ‘I’m going to get you a hot dog and a coke.’ He didn’t ask, just ran off. I suppose his mom gave him money and told him to treat me. She must have been amused by the whole episode.

Unfortunately shortly after that, his family moved to Winnipeg. (That was long before computers or email.) I never saw or heard from him again. Did we ever kiss? Of course not!


When daughter Susan asked for a story about when I was young, I checked Google and learned that he, like so many of my other old friends, had died. Looking at his photo, I tried to see the young boy in his adult face. I found it impossible.

However, I was pleased and not surprised he’d obviously had an involved and worthwhile life, a lengthy marriage, and a family that loved him.


43 thoughts on “An innocent first love…

  1. I tried to look up my first crush (I was 11) but there were too many people with the same name born in the same year. I do remember my forst kiss – from a boy who chased me round a field with white nettles which I thought woud sting! ( but they don’t)

      • Once an English teacher, always an English teacher, Muriel. I have to stop myself correcting posts on twitter. It looks bad if an author makes mistakes on line so if I see mine, I try to correct them.

      • I chuckled. I taught ESL, so I understand how you feel. Wait until you’re as old as I am. You’ll get used to your fingers not obeying you. Love your blog by the way. Muriel

  2. Hi Muriel

    I remember my first kiddy-romanance. His name was Gunther. I figured he liked me
    when he chased me in the schoolyard and pushed my face into the snow. We were
    in grade 2. Well, he showed up at school with a pretty ring for his “girlfriend”.

    I took it home and showed it to my mother. It turned out to be a ruby ring he had
    filched from mom’s jewellery box. My mother was on the phone to his mother right
    quickly, and the ring was returned.

    That was the end of the kiddy-romance.

  3. Awwww… this is so sweet! Reminds me of my first love, Jon, which I often write about in my blog. But he doesn’t know. 😁😁😁 At least, you both were in love with each other. 🥰🥰🥰 Cheers, Muriel!

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