Eating out — thank goodness.


Once upon a time long, long ago, I worked full-time and invited friends to dinners too. We’d have a children’s table, our large dining-room table extended with a folding table, plus extra places on the upright piano seat with place-mats on the flat surface over the keys. Those days are looonnnngggg gone.

A friend and I had lunch together yesterday. She’s interesting, I love her. She’s a devoted vegan. I didn’t have to worry — we ate out. Friday I’m having dinner with a young vegetarian. He’s my kind-of grandson. He’s been busy and hasn’t had much time for us to get together so I’m delighted. Again, I don’t have to worry — we’re eating out.


During this pandemic, some people won’t eat in restaurants. I respect that. Sometimes one special friend and I have lunch on a park bench nearby. She has definite food needs and always brings the lunch. I want to reciprocate, but aren’t brave enough. What can I fix for her??


Meanwhile years have passed and everything seems to take more energy. Energy? Where did that go? It eludes me at will and some days I can’t seem to hustle any muscle at all. My old arthritic bones act up whenever THEY choose. They aren’t thoughtful. They never make appointments ahead of time. I can’t picture many dinners happening at my place anymore, which is just as well. What would planning a homemade dinner look like? I’d rather treat when we eat out.


It seems what everyone eats today is more complicated. What my older friends consume is sometimes affected by health issues like high-cholesterol, diabetes, ulcers, medications requiring them to avoid certain foods, or allergies — and goodness knows what.

Do we become delicate flowers with age? Yup! What I used to call a cast-iron stomach doesn’t exist any more! I, myself, have developed allergies! (I’ve been told these develop as we get older, but I also believe some of it is due to chemicals added to our food to extend shelf life.)


My San Francisco kids do a lot of entertaining. Their friends are younger and don’t seem to be affected as much by medical conditions as my older friends. I guess I’ll just leave the dinner parties to them. If you visit me — let’s eat out.


16 thoughts on “Eating out — thank goodness.

    • Well, I have a feeling that if I had not been required to do so much cooking and eating at home during COVID, I may not feel this way. Let’s see what happens when it is over. (May it happen soon.) Stay well, Muriel

  1. We’ve just recently dared to go out to a few restaurants. I feel better about it today, though, having read a NY Times article discussing the CBC data on how well boosters are protecting people. Your chances of dying from Covid if you are boostered are smaller than your chances of dying in a car crash on the way to the restaurant — literally around one in a million. They also talked about “irrational skepticism” on both sides of the vaccine divide: anti-vaxxers are unreasonably skeptical about the safety and efficacy of the vaccines and about the dangers of Covid, while those who have been vaccinated and boostered are unreasonably worried that they might still catch the virus and get very sick, when the evidence shows the risk is very small, even for the elderly. I’m not giving up my masks while shopping or trashing my hand sanitizing any time soon, but this report did make feel that it is okay to eat out now and again!

    • I think you are perfectly right Susan: Although I respect whatever makes a person comfortable for themselves. I’m okay with going out right now, and look forward to it. It’s boring to eat my own cooking at home all alone. I much rather be with any one of my friends. Love you, stay well, Maughm

  2. Making comfort food – one pot meals mainly – became comfortable during the last couple of years. And now I’m completely out of the entertaining mode – new elaborate recipes, choosing the dishes etc etc. I don’t think I’m ever going back to it!! Eating out sounds good, though we haven’t yet started it.

    • Don’t try it until it feels really safe Jaya: I only ventured out to places with a lot of space between tables. Restaurants were closed a lot, so I really had missed them. Fortunately, I live in an area with many choices within walking distance. Take care of you. Love, Muriel

  3. I was hit by nostalgia reading your post. In the last two years, my family hasn’t eaten out in restaurants. We have always been scared of this damned COVID! Though my mother is quite an excellent chef, and she can cook just anything in this world, of course till its vegetarian.
    Aah, I understand your troubles. I just read on the blog of a friend, that our biggest opponent is our age. I am sure you are making your opponent bite dust!
    Perhaps, one day, she shall share a meal together as well!
    ~ Arnav Gupta

  4. Hi Arnav: I, too, didn’t eat out for a long time. Our restaurants were required to close because of COVID. I enjoy going out with friends and missed it terribly. Now that they are open, I choose carefully. But, oh, how lovely it is to be served and just sit there like a queen. Chuckle. Love, Muriel

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