Life: a risky business


Have you ever thought about how risky life is and what a miracle it is so many of us manage to make it into adulthood? I’m not paranoid, but dangers do lurk at every turn.


What with nature’s furies — hurricanes, volcanic eruptions, fires, floods, lightening and storms; the billions of microscopic bacilli and viruses around, on and in us; man made hazards like guns, explosives and weapons of war, it’s amazing I’m still here!

I can’t help but think of accidents with cars, trains and planes. I step onto my balcony and imagine it falling down to the cement patio three floors down — with me on it. gosh! Well, it could happen.

Normal people just live their lives, but I think of these things. Your chances of dying in an earthquake are one in 11 million. Not much. But what’s if I’m the designated driver?


They say one in 20 million die after being bitten by a dog. I constantly meet dogs on my daily walks. Does a snarl mean I should say goodbye right now? Then there are also evil people who may attack me even if a dog doesn’t. Oh, my….


Apparently the risk of being injured in an elevator is one in six million. My building has one. I use it every day. Some neighbours always take the stairs. Do they know something I don’t? And, why aren’t they telling me?


I’m not a scared person, but what I’m really terrified of is being hit directly by a celestial body. I have a one in a 150 trillion chance of this happening, but what’s if I’m the person standing right where the darn thing comes down if it does, when it does? Yikes!

There are a lot of other reasons why life is a risky business, but I won’t go there. You’d have to be a little nutty to worry about everything.


32 thoughts on “Life: a risky business

  1. Oh my goodness — I have TWO dogs…and I see them ALL THE TIME! My chances of dying after a dog bite must be, like, one in a MILLION! Geez, Maughm…now I’m really scared…

  2. I’m not paranoid but for some reason, after my accident, I don’t want to be left alone. Even in the bathroom, I don’t lock doors anymore. When in an elevator at work, I would hold tight to the guard assisting me with my wheelchair.

  3. Now that I have read your post, it seems that I am Ancient. 14 years of survival in this ‘dangerous world’. Woah, I am an adventurer!
    You made me have a nice little laugh. I am more afraid of my mom than of the balcony falling down with me! 😀

  4. Among all the possibilities in your list, I’ll take the celestial bodies, thanks. Reason? Here one second, the next – poof! and gone. Most merciful.

  5. Yes it is risky 🙂 but it would be worse if keep imagining all the troubles that might happen. On a serious note, a few weeks ago my husband’s cousin and his wife were walking home when an autorickshaw driver lost control and rammed against them, both sustained serious injuries. It is terriible.

    • Oh dear: I am so sorry about the accident your cousins experienced. I hope they will recover quickly. I was just being silly with this post. I did not mean to be serious about it. Thank you so much for reading. All the best, Muriel

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