Am busy destroying files and files of papers — a kindness I owe my children after a lifetime of writing, stirring up trouble and fighting city hall (and at times even winning).
I found the following and decided to share it with you.

This grown man…


This grown man was my baby
He giggled and smiled and brought me joy
He clung to me when he was ill
(Which happened all too often)
His feverish little body cuddled close
Against my breast while my heart
Beat rapidly with a mother’s fear

Rafi playing with Susan, who always loved him

This grown man was my toddler
His pudgy little fingers explored everything
He loved to stand on my feet and hang onto my knees
While I clumsily transported him
Laughing away from room to room
He wanted to marry our dog
And buy me a big, big house

This grown man was my boy
He took apart every new toy to see
What was inside and put together
Model airplane kits and cars
But never read the instructions
He discovered sports and uniforms
That life was not always fair
And his mother wasn’t perfect
Yet continued to love me


This grown man was no typical teenager
He laughed down at me from a height
I’d have to stand on a chair to reach
Why he was never difficult I don’t know
He worked out, ran and played basketball
And would study — if he had to
He thought about girls and I must
Never, ever kiss him in public
He would call me at work
Just to say hello

Note: I also wrote a poem about Susan. See it under: My Susan…
April 27, 2020. After all, I do love them both.


45 thoughts on “Poem…

  1. I STILL love him! I was just saying to Michael today how much I always loved my baby bruddah, and that now, I also admire and respect him, and enjoy every conversation I have with him. He is intelligent, articulate, caring, passionate, funny, thoughtful and deep. And he’s still my little brother!

  2. Special person writing about her special person, and I see a special comment from S, too.
    This is all too rare in today’s world, and I’m very happy for you, Muriel. ❤️

    • I am grateful as well Jaya: I also am enjoying going through my papers now because I found this poem. It reminded me of those special times with Rafi as he was growing up. I’d forgotten some of them. Such fun! Love, Muriel

  3. What a beautiful poem, Muriel! If reminds me of raising my own children, and that no matter how old they get, they are still my babies.

  4. Belated reply from me~~just getting familiar with my new computer;) This is such a heartwarming poem, especially meaningful during these times we’re living through. We need all the love we can get and give. Your poem is beautiful, and now I’m going to read “My Susan”!

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