When’s the last time you…

When’s the last time you wrote an email, letter or card to: A teacher who was special? A friend who was supportive through a tough time? A mentor who helped you in your career? A doctor who made you feel he/she really cared? A business which supported your sports team? A coach who, as a volunteer, worked without pay? A volunteer who helped you in some way?

In an effort to whittle down ‘stuff’ my loved ones will have to deal with eventually, I’ve been going through files full of thank you letters (or complaints) to corporations and businesses or ordinary folk who mattered to me — and thinning them out.

Rafi loved playing and he did well
Rafi in his baseball uniform

Right now, I’m looking at a letter written in 1981 to a Furniture Guild thanking them for sponsoring the very first baseball team my son was on. Rafi was nine, and excited about becoming a part of this new team. The day uniforms were distributed, I was sure he’d sleep in his — he paraded about in it so proudly.

Such sponsorship can make participation possible for some families who wouldn’t be able to afford it otherwise. It IS a good idea to let businesses know you appreciate their help, no matter what their reasons for doing so are.

Rafi, now a devoted high-school teacher

As an adult, Rafi is a devoted high school teacher. He occasionally receives letters telling him how much he has meant to students. Sometimes he’ll share them with me. I get a warm fuzzy when he does because I know how caring he is and how much it pleases him when students appreciate his efforts on their behalf.

Rafi cooking at a fundraiser for my grandson, Remy’s school
Lovely Chandra working at a fundraiser for Remy’s school

Both Rafi and his beautiful Chandra are enthusiastic about volunteering. Here they are working at a fundraiser for my grandson’s school.

If you decide to write to someone who mattered to you, I’d love to know about it and why…


8 thoughts on “When’s the last time you…

  1. Hello there! When you reach out to someone you admire, you just trigger a chain of events that can open new doors for both the persons. I, for one, reach out to just anyone! Every blogger I follow, every YouTuber I have subscribed to. And, when they get back, strong friendships are forged, which are meant to stay and be cherished.
    Recently, I contacted the man leading an animal rights organization in Liberia, and… he got back to me! He is so polite and kind, and it was fun to write to him.

  2. I’m doing some fundraising right now to help a wild horse that needs surgery. Just found out today that one new donor is going to match the $500 pledged by another donor — so I am sending a big thank you out to both of them!

    • Good for you Susan: You do me proud! You already know that every time we do something nice for someone else or another living creature, we feel good about it too, right? By all means, those who donate to a good cause deserve acknowledgement. Send them one of your great notes. Love, Maughm

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