Revenge of the coyotes…

Island of plastic in the Pacific

It was hot! A long drought in our rain forest led to roaring forest fires, devastation and the destruction of whole towns and some deaths.

Extreme weather, floods, mudslides, tornadoes and hurricanes took more lives. People became homeless all over the world.

Islands of plastic formed in our oceans. Millions of creatures in local waters perished in the extreme heat. The coyotes could smell it, it was unbearable.

‘We’ve got to do something,’ declared Tara, their old leader, ’Call everyone. We must have a meeting. Those stupid humans have gone too far. They need to be taught a lesson. ’

Tara, elderly leader of the coyotes

Word travels fast throughout the park. All the coyotes gathered to hear what Tara had to say. Even the skunks and raccoons, hearing about the meeting, gathered on the fringes of the large group.

The skunks heard, they came
Word travels fast in the park

‘People are unbelievably stupid,’ Tara said, ‘If we don’t do something, we’ll all perish. Attack them, their children, and their beloved dogs — starting now. We must have our revenge…’

‘But their children tried to teach them,’ spoke up Cotu, ‘Why attack them? They’re innocent.’ Cotu was young, but coyote young are listened to.

‘Humans don’t listen to their children, those kids have no power,’ replied Tara, sadly shaking her head.

Raccoons Came too

Her word was law. And so it happened. After years of peace, the war was on — between coyotes and humans.
And so, it came to pass this summer, for the first time, dozens of humans in this beautiful city’s famous Stanley Park, were attacked and bitten by coyotes. What was going on? Why was this suddenly happening?
The humans didn’t get it.

‘Coyotes don’t belong in a city park,’ they argued, although coyotes had always been there. But this was new, coyotes had never been a danger before. The officials needed to act. They’ve now decided to ‘cull’ the coyotes. The plan is to catch and kill 35 coyotes. And, how will that help??? If they must ‘cull’ the coyotes, why not trap them and move them to an uninhabited area? Why kill them?

Coyotes had always been there

Humans don’t understand the coyotes are trying to make them aware that they’ve gone too far and they are destroying our planet. Will they ever learn?

Run, coyotes, run! Avoid their traps. They know not what they do…


36 thoughts on “Revenge of the coyotes…

  1. “Nature abhors a vacuum.” Wonder what’s going move into the territory about to become available in the Park? Apart from those nasty squirrels.

  2. Coyote culls are notoriously unsuccessful, as the remaining population tends to just have more pups that survive to adulthood very quickly. As for live trapping and removal, that generally doesn’t work very well with most mammal species, unfortunately. They either return to where they were trapped, even from great distances, become a problem somewhere else, or sometimes end up in another animal’s territory and deadly fights ensue. It is a sad fact that once wild animals are acclimated to living around people, it is extremely difficult, if not impossible, to “rehabilitate” them to a truly wild existence again. Not sure what the answer is, but whatever it is, it isn’t a simple one.

  3. Oh my, Muriel, your post dropped my jaw. I hope this is fiction! It is a circle, today the nature suffers because of us imbeciles, tomorrow we will. And we must not complain and cry when we do!

    • I’m afraid it is based on truth. Stupid people feed the animals, even though we are NOT supposed to. They also use the park at night, which we are not supposed to. The coyotes are no longer afraid of humans and it is true the animals have attacked and bitten a lot of people this year for the first time. The park board are now trapping and killing 35 coyotes. I am saddened.

    • I’m afraid it won’t go well for the coyotes and those people who use the park after dark, which they shouldn’t, and feed the animals, which they shouldn’t, will continue doing so without any punishment. Darn…

  4. I love your post Muriel. I would love to believe that the coyotes have some control over the terrible situation we humans created for them. How have our egos grown so big that we think we are the only things that matter? We want comfort and convenience and leave devastation in our wake. I’m concerned for the younger generations and what they will face, as well as the wildlife we kill off so quickly and in so many ways. When will we ever learn?!

    • First of all Samantha: I know how busy your life is, so I’m thrilled you make the time to read my blog. Thank you!
      Yes, it is stupid humans who have created this problem, but the coyotes are being killed. Is that justice? Love, Muriel

  5. This is such a timely post, and I do agree with your sentiments about the poor coyotes being killed. It’s more than sad what we humans have created here on Earth, destroying habitat and decimating so many other species in the process. However, the issue about the coyotes in Stanley Park is a complex one. Sooner or later, they would have seriously injured someone, as they do tend to hunt in packs, and are known to attack animals or people who are running or moving quickly. I think it’s long past time for all of us to get together and discuss how to live more sanely on this planet, and to realize that everything is inter-related. Wild spaces are still needed for the health and well-being of all living things. But how do we achieve that?? It won’t be easy, with so many humans on the Earth!

    • If the people who use the park wouldn’t feed the animals or decide to picnic there after midnight, (Is that what that couple were really doing?) the animals would leave them alone. The coyotes will just have more pups and we’ll be back to where we are soon enough. It is all so useless and stupid.
      Thanks for reading, thanks for writing. Love, Muriel

  6. So sad to hear this. When an animal attacks human, they either take his life or put him behind bars forever in isolation. Why it’s always them who suffer the consequences of our foolishness?

    • Thank you for reading and understanding my despair at what is happening. Thank you as well for re-blogging my post about the coyotes, who will probably be painfully killed because of the stupidity of humans. Stay well, Muriel

  7. I believe that coyotes are behaving this was for two reasons: 1. There are too many of them and they are starving, 2. Humans have abandoned their role as apex predators, so the coyotes have lost their fear of people. It’s sad but true, when we cease to be the predator we become the prey.
    Also many people seem to think that coyotes are some kind of free roaming pet. However, when you feed a wild animal that does not make you its friend or pack member. Instead you have become a food source. If the hand that feeds the animal is empty, well that hand is meat and may do as well.

    So the solution is to instill a healthy sense of fear of humans in the coyotes. The most straight forward solution would not be very popular: Shoot a few coyotes and leave their bodies lying around as a warning to others. Or perhaps we could require Stanley Park patrons to arm themselves with bear spray. Birth control could be a more human way to control the population. I would be interested to hear from other about better ways to to instill fear of humans in coyotes, so that we can live in peace together and not try to exterminate them all.

    • Thank you for reading and giving this issue so much thought Susan: It is a complex one. I still wonder why NOW? The coyotes have been living in the park for years, but started attacking people regularly THIS year. I wonder why changed in the relationship? These have been strange times altogether…
      Love, stay well, Muriel

  8. Aw a lovely write emphasising on how unfair humans can be. Tara looks rather menacing. I hate that they’re going to kill them, like you mentioned, it would be better if they were just moved to places they could live in peace.

  9. Not only the coyotes, but I have noticed this past summer that all the animals seem to be extra hungry and brave. We live in the country so I can hear their eerie howls at night. The White Tail deer has become more friendly although they do still run if we get close. I might add they know our pines are a sanctuary where they (as well as their fawns in late May) are safe. Often when the deer population becomes too much the coyotes take care of it. All in nature’s way of balance. Sorry to hear about your park and the reason why the coyotes may meet an untimely death. Also, hope you are getting more of your much needed rain.

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