Why my crazy trip was worth it…

I had to pose with Remy so he’d know how much I enjoyed these trees
Australian Tea tree

I’d informed son Rafi my knees didn’t enjoy hills any more. He and grandson Remy put their heads together and chose parks without hills for my daily walks. The first had these wonderful trees I couldn’t resist. We went again and again so I could pose with Rafi, then Remy, and when Susan joined us, back we went to pose yet again!

Just had to once again pose by one of those wonderful trees with Rafi AND Susan when she arrived.

Yes, we took walks elsewhere as well. Every morning Rafi walked the family dog, Germaine, we dropped Remy off at soccer camp, and Rafi walked me. (He wasn’t going to let me slack off. He knows how important it is for me to keep moving.)

Another walk by the water
Germaine walks me at the nearby dog park. It was cold. I was grateful to Chandra, who gave me the snuggly, warm jacket with a hood. (My very first hoodie!)

The few times we couldn’t find the time to visit another park, I took my walk at the dog park under the supervision of Germaine, who made sure I got in enough steps. He took every step with me! Ha, ha.

Rafi at 20. What a hunk! I’d never seen this photo before.
Rafi ordered this little man for my home-made terrarium. The little guy seems happy in his new home with his bottle of wine.

Chandra, always creative, made a beautiful photo album for Rafi as a birthday gift. I had never seen some of those old photos and got a kick out of seeing, for the first time, some taken years ago. (She also made an album for him of what friends and family members thought of him. It was lovely to read.)

We celebrated everyone’s birthday. I’d just celebrated a venerable one, Rafi had a recent birthday and so had Susan. We laughed a lot and I discovered my grandson, Remy, had a crazy sense of humour. (Wonder where he got that from??? Ha, ha.) Also an avid reader, Remy shared books with me when I ran out of reading material. It was just a great visit. I could not have asked for more.

Rafi and I shopped for plants at the nursery — the kids have a beautiful garden. I looked for a little man to live in my home-made terrarium, but they didn’t have one. Rafi ordered one for me, tried NOT to tell me right away, but was so excited about it, he couldn’t wait to surprise me, but when he said: ‘I bought you something’. I immediately guessed what it was. Yeah! See him above. The little guy loves his new home.

I’m holding on to the memory of the wonderful time I had and how spoiled I was by everyone. The morning breakfasts I had with Rafi, the time we all spent together was worth all the nonsense and stupidity of the rules and regulations I had to deal with to travel across the border during COVID.

Rafi sent me this photo of Germaine waiting at my door after I’d gone home. Well, I miss him too. He was particularly gentle with me.


34 thoughts on “Why my crazy trip was worth it…

  1. Wow! I haven’t ever seen such strange trees. It would be a wonder to see them grow! Germaine is so awesome, quite a beautiful companion. Mr. Rafi looks more like a goon at 20! (giggles)

    • Aren’t those trees something!!! I, too, found them fascinating. Each one is different. I wanted to go back there again and again.
      Germaine is interesting. He’d play rough with Rafi, but was always very gentle with me. He is a beautiful dog and well-loved by the family.
      Thanks for reading. Cheers, Muriel

  2. I really enjoyed the visit as well, Maughm. So much fun to walk through the interesting streets of SF with you, go shopping at the thrift store, and hanging out in Rafi’s beautiful garden — and of course, “the crazy trees”!

    • It was so great of you to join us Susan, even if you did win all the Boggle games, etc., etc. I loved having you there too. I’ll remember this special visit for a long time to come. Love ya, Maughm

    • Thanks Val: I particularly love the little man because Rafi was moved to order it on-line for me because he knew I wanted one for my little terrarium. He is such a neat, thoughtful guy.
      Stay well, Love, Muriel

    • I think it was DESIRE to see my kids after so long that pushed me to go at this difficult time and they made sure I’ll always remember it. They are great in any case, but after so long, I glowed at being with them again. Love to you, enjoy each day, Muriel

    • Obviously I did too. I kept going back again and again to see them. Wonder if the leaves can be used to make tea, since they’re called ‘Australian Tea Trees.’ Thanks for reading. Stay well and enjoy each day. Muriel

  3. Glad you were able to make the trip. I really enjoyed so much of your visit, I wish I had gone! Love the Australian Tea Tree, your man in the terrarium and Germaine. Of course, Rafi isn’t too shabby either (like the man now — great smile!). Thanks for sharing! I really want to take a trip at least one more time! You inspire me!

    • I agree. I was so fascinated by the trees, we took dozens of photos posing in front of them. And, yes, my home-made terrarium is a wonder, especially since I made it myself. The little guy holding a bottle of wine, a gift from my thoughtful son, just makes it perfect! Thanks for reading. Cheers, Muriel

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