Crossing a closed border…

I brought so many treats for the kids, my suitcase was packed solid.

I’d not seen my children in two years — much too long. My recent birthday reminded me I’m not getting any younger. The U.S. border is closed, it was unreasonable and I waffled back and forth and drove my kids nuts, but in the end, decided I must go.

It was complicated, frustratingly stupid, and expensive, none of which mattered compared to my need to hug and spend time with my loved ones.

I’m an organized sort, I called provincial health to check everything, still the madness started before I left. They weren’t always right.

My old flip cellphone, used only for emergencies, doesn’t work in the U.S. I’d need it, so prepaid FIDO $33 for 15 minutes in the U.S. It subsequently didn’t work.

A young friend helped me book non-stop flights both ways. I didn’t care which airline or what the cost was. Just wanted convenience for all and he did very well thank you.

It was enough to drive me to drink.

After a few days, however, Delta cancelled my direct flight back creating a stop in Seattle allowing little more than an hour between flights. I use a walker and must wait until all other passengers debark before my walker shows up. I also require assistance, which I’d already arranged (now separately). After hours on the phone, with no chance of a direct flight, I accepted defeat and called again to arrange help for TWO flights. Whew! I hadn’t even left yet!

Then, United, who were taking me to the US, emailed a form to fill out with complete proof of Canadian COVID testing (taken within 72 hours of the flight) plus vaccinations, etc. etc. I called on my son for help, scanned all related copies, he got into my computer and filled it all out. It was long, not easy, but done.

Checking in at United at the airport, they wanted all the stuff we’d already submitted. I asked why.

‘Oh, that technology isn’t working yet.’ What???

Yup! I made it. Here I am under an Australian Tea tree in San Francisco during one of my daily walks with Rafi.

This was only the beginning of the insanity. More to come soon…


33 thoughts on “Crossing a closed border…

  1. It was SO great to see you, Maughm, and you were incredibly courageous to travel at this time with all the crazy requirements and whatnot, which seem to change minute to minute. I love this photo of you by the “twisty trees”, which were absolutely fascinating! Thanks again for all the special Canadian treats (gone now, of course), which both Michael and I enjoyed. Love you!

    • Ah dearest dotter: YOU were part of the best that happened on this trip. Shall write about that later. There is just so much to share about this adventure. Thanks for flying to San Fran to be with us. Hugs, love and squeezes. (Do your ribs hurt from my hugs?) Maughm

  2. Congratulations, Muriel. I tried to get a job in San Francisco for about 20 years, so I love that amazing tree photo.
    You have no idea what an accomplishment you’ve made, in my eyes. I’m terribly agoraphobic. I can barely go from my house to the curb to get my mail or take out the trash. So let me say that I’m proud of you. Hugs on the wing.

    • Yes, San Fran is beautiful, but has too many hills. My knees don’t like climbing them.
      I also love those Australian Tea trees so my son often took me for walks at that park.
      I understand agoraphobia since I deal with a Vestibular Disorder which often is misdiagnosed as agoraphobia.

  3. You have had quite some adventures! Why did you not just call your kids to Canada? It would be so much easier. Still, you had an experience which you shall never forget!

  4. Muriel you are a brave lass for taking on such a challenge, and one I admire for overcoming all these obstacles that modern technology put in your way. So happy for you and looking forward to hearing more when you get home.
    Goes without saying to Stay Safe.
    Best wishes

  5. Thanks Johnny: I made it there and back and had a lovely stay with my loved ones, so all the rules and stupidity was worth it. Shall write about the return adventures next. Unbelievable so much can go awry. Cheers…

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