It is really hot!!!

I don’t do heat graciously.

It IS hot!!! I don’t do heat graciously. We’re breaking records daily. How anyone can doubt the warming of our planet is beyond me. Meanwhile our current weather is more than I can deal with.

I had good intentions and was planning to write about something else, but I can’t concentrate. I think my brain is fried — so instead, I’ll tell you what happened on my walk this morning.

I think my brain is fried.

It was early and already too hot. My clothes were sticking to my body. I was miserable. I meandered into a local AIR CONDITIONED drugstore to cool off. As I slowly walked up and down each blessedly cool aisle, I spotted the blood pressure machine.

I’d been fine and my doctor hasn’t seen me since before the pandemic started. My blood pressure hasn’t been tested. Brilliant! I’ll sit down and check it and be COOL while I’m at it. Ahhhhh…

I did just that. Sat down and placed my left arm into the cuff. Turned the machine on and waited patiently as it told me the test was in progress.

When it was over, the results printed for the world to see were: 0 0 0. Does that mean I’m dead????

Does that mean I’m dead???

18 thoughts on “It is really hot!!!

  1. Sooo hot for our area—35C at the airport, over 40C in the Valley, and hotter tomorrow! Thank goodness for fans and shade. And for your great sense of humour, which always makes me smile:)

  2. I’m surprised to hear you complain about being hot. You have always told me you were a hot chick, so why complain now. I’m lucky because I am a cool guy. Don’t put any pressure on yourself by checking your BP. Besides you have a lot of heart so you should be fine. I’m not even mentioning how vein you are!!!! Stay safe in the heat. Love, Brian

  3. I can imagine your expression on seeing the result 🙂 We are having a break from the rains, but we feel anxious when it does not rain during the monsoon season. Without them the weather would have been extremely hot here. Take care.

  4. Yes, after sitting at that machine quietly as instructed while it was testing my pressure, I couldn’t resist laughing out loud. Heat wise, they say this is the future due to global warming. Horrid…

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