The end of the story???

I carefully unwrap my jacket
I say goodbye to my old purple jacket

I know you’re dying to know the end of ‘My old purple jacket…’ story. Sean, the young man who was willing to buy it called. Originally I wasn’t ready to let it go because I don’t go to stores during this pandemic. He’d found a jacket of his own to trade with me so I agreed to let him have mine.

You can’t give a DIRTY jacket to someone, so I decided to wash it. I’d carelessly tossed it into the washing machine again and again through the years where it was mercilessly tossed about without mercy. After serving me so well, the poor thing deserved a proper goodbye.

I felt guilty about that mistreatment so I soaked it in soapy water. It gurgled with pleasure as I gently massaged its sleeves and neck, careful not to remove any more of its words printed in white. When it had had enough of a relaxing bath, I transferred it to my tub filled with almost enough lukewarm water to bathe in. Then I hung it carefully above to drip-dry. Only after drying was it ready to go on to explore a new world.

We were meeting at 10 a.m. on Sunday. I carefully folded my old friend with tissue paper and slipped it into a sleek-looking blue bag to pass it on to its third owner. Yes, that’s true. I never bought the old jacket. A friend in L.A. purchased it, decided she didn’t like it, and gave it to me. I have a feeling my old purple jacket will be treated with more respect with its new owner than I ever gave it.

I think I got the better deal. Don’t you?

The highs and lows of life. Sean and me.
Sean’s gift of his home-made bread

Not only did Sean give me a jacket of his own, (Frankly in much better shape than my old purple one.) he also brought another gift — a lovely round loaf of bread he’d made himself! (Forget it. I’m not sharing.)

Sean is a well-known, respected athlete and Volleyball coach who has some teams playing at a beach right near where I live. Perhaps my friend Garth is right and I WILL show up to watch some games in the future. He is also a nice enough guy to have gone along with my wanting all these silly photos about our meeting so I could share them with you on this post.

Will we get together again? I hope so!


30 thoughts on “The end of the story???

  1. I have a hunch it won’t be the end of the story. Just wait until the sun warms up the beach. You’re going to be a rockstar😉

  2. Muriel, I should have guessed that eventually you would run out of ideas for your blog as you have written so many of them. This is a new low for you. Forcing a total stranger to switch clothing with you is so unfair to your readers. It’s obvious that even the loaf of bread is from Terras. I have heard rumors that you are being nominated for a tony, oscar and a nobel prize. What will you think of next?

    • You got it right Brian: It is, indeed, FAKE NEWS. I’ve been caught red-handed. I confess I made it all up. Since I confessed, will I still get the death sentence???? Chuckle. Love you and miss you. Love to Rebecca too.

  3. Well, Muriel, you have a whole raft of people reading your blog thanks to you surrendering your purple volleyball jacket. So far, 262 people have read about your adventures on Sean’s Facebook post, with 85 comments that are all so heart warming. Keep up the good work😉

  4. I know. You guys have really kept me busy today. I’ve had hundreds of viewers and many of them came via Facebook. It has been a wonderful experience. Of course, I don’t know who they are, but it is ever so much fun.

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