Garth’s photos…

Garth Findahl at my 80th Birthday celebration
SPANISH BANKS, photo by Garth

Meet Garth, a dear friend. We met years ago at my favourite coffee haunt and have shared many a morning chatting over breakfast and coffee. Garth, and his buddy, Greg often saved my favourite table for me if they arrived ahead of me. They are both warm, friendly and interesting, and I’m blessed to have them in my life. They also give good hugs.

When the pandemic began and the coffee shop closed, Garth regularly mailed me his beautiful photos on note cards with uplifting handwritten notes inside. On the envelopes he’d attach seasonal stickers which made me smile. Receiving each one gave me much pleasure. Interestingly, since Garth doesn’t toot his own horn, I previously had no idea what a talented photographer he was. He’d never mentioned it.

SPRING, photo by Garth

BLAINE HARBOUR, photo by Garth

I’d send little notes back and then look forward to yet another beautiful card from him with a handwritten saying or greeting. These cards helped me through this time more than he will ever know.

When I received the clever image Garth had created to go with his comment on my last post, ‘My old purple jacket…’ I decided to share it with you because it gave me a chuckle and is too funny to keep to myself. I also enjoyed his idea of how the story should end. (See previous post.)

Garth’s terrific vision of the end of the story about my old purple jacket

Here is Garth’s idea for the ending to the story about ‘My old purple jacket…:

“Muriel: The Matriarch of the Overwets ProVolleyball Team…

“If you happen to go to Sunset Beach on a sunny afternoon by the beach volleyball court, you will see a new celebrity. Muriel is ever present to provide support to the Overwets Volleyball Team. Since Muriel has arrived they are winning all their games. They never imagined a vintage jacket could bring such power to their team.”

Thank you Garth!!! Hugs to you when they become legal.


21 thoughts on “Garth’s photos…

    • I agree. He wanted to include it with his comment, but couldn’t do that and emailed it to me instead. I liked it so much, I decided I wanted to share it. I think it is beautiful even if my old purple jacket isn’t. All the best. Muriel

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