Playing with words…

I’m excited. The windows in my office may be completed Friday and if so, I’ll be able to have things back to normal in this, my favourite room. Meanwhile, I’ll share this old poem about words with you. Enjoy!

Words, words, fabulous words
Bothersome, frolicsome, rollick-some words
Words that cry or soar up and fly
Try to snatch, hard to catch, troublesome words.

Where are you words? Beautiful words
Terrible, treacherous, lecherous word
Deriding and chiding, come out from hiding
Tongue-in-cheek, hide and seek, wretched old words.

These are MY words, plentiful words
Lovable, sayable, playable words
Words full of thunder, words filled with wonder
Tossed about, shouted out, full of clout words!


16 thoughts on “Playing with words…

  1. Among the many things I have you to thank for, Maughm, my love of words is one of them! We’ll find an online Scrabble game to play together once your place is settled down a bit. Love you! – Dottur. P.S. If there are typos here, please forgive me. I am typing completely blind, as there are two cats on my desk standing on my keyboard because I am wasting time here when I could be getting their dinnr!

    • I’ll look forward to playing Scrabble with you Susan: But be aware, I’m a terrible player. It drove Pauline crazy that I’d rather have my crazy five-letter word and get less points than I could if I used only two letters and placed them more strategically. But, I think silly words should be worth a bonus, right? Especially if they make you laugh. Love, Mudder

  2. These were some beautiful words you just wrote! The timing of your post is interesting to me as I just found that a distant cousin of mine passed away. He was the last of his family that presided over the UK company that had the rights for Scrabble. I found him a few years ago through my genealogical research and was delighted to find the Scrabble connection.

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