So long 2020…

Not our building but you can’t see out thru the mesh and the workers arrive at 7:30 a.m.

2020 is about done. Thank goodness. All the residents in my building have gone through as much as I have with the upgrade happening in the midst of the pandemic. I salute them! Here’s hoping 2021 is better for my neighbours, me, and everyone. It isn’t that I expect January 1st to be a perfect day followed by 365 more perfect days. I’m not that naive. But I’m hopeful things will slowly improve for everyone.

90 yr old British woman gets vaccine

Surely, many of us should receive the vaccine in 2021, which I pray will help save lives and allow us to see each other again. My birthday is in July and it would be a great present to be given mine by then. I’m also hoping that by the time that birthday arrives, I may get some wisdom. Don’t laugh. Miracles CAN happen.

Masks, distancing, cooperation

Some nice things did happen for me even during COVID:19 this year. I’ve been protected and loved by my local chosen family, Amy, Samantha, Linda, Vinson, Andrew and Alison. They’ve seen to it I wear the right masks, distance properly, gotten to necessary medical appointments, seen to it that I have everything I need and some which I just want. May all the Goddesses of the Universe bless them.

My own and chosen loved ones have taught me how to chat and see each other on Zoom and FaceTime. I knew nothing about these programs before. I’m also learning how to use Messages. How exciting to be learning new things as the young patiently watch me slowly find my way technologically.

I sure read a lot

I’ve done a whole lot of reading this year thanks to the little street library where I can give or take books. I’ve read books I never would have chosen before and have learned new things as a result. Neat. Our public libraries were closed for a long time and it would take public transit for me to get there anyway. I’m grateful to other local readers who have shared their books with me.

Yesterday ‘Hesper, The Biveros Effect’ became my 200th Blog follower. Having been raised eons ago, I still need to be rescued by my children every time I screw things up on my computer, so I consider this a great achievement. Hurrah. And you, dear reader, are constant and reliable and I so appreciate you reading what I write. Please stay well and have a great 2021. You are particularly special in my life.


17 thoughts on “So long 2020…

  1. The worst thing about this pandemic for me has been not being able to see you, Maughm! We could do a Facetime or Zoom meeting though…I didn’t know you had learned how! Will wonders never cease…

  2. You truly are fortunate to have so many loving and supportive people around you. All helping to make sure you can negotiate these challenging times.
    I am positive that 2021 will be better, and we will learn more new and wonderful things to keep us on our toes for the future.
    Stay safe

    • I agree with you 100%. I consider myself one of the luckiest people in the world. How I managed to surround myself with such wonderful people I’ll never understand. Here’s to enough vaccine for us all this year…

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