Another ‘Muriel says…’

I’m still living in total madness and upheaval. The new windows and glass doors are installed, but I can’t move my desk back in front of my office window because they still need to paint the insides.

My garden continues to struggle and mostly die in my dining area and can’t go back outdoors because there’s no balcony yet in sight. Right now I’m infested with gnats from all the soil in pots being indoors and my possibly vain attempts to keep some growing things alive by continuing to water them. My idea of keeping them inside until the balcony is rebuilt was obviously a mistake. Oh well, this isn’t the first mistake I’ve made in my life.

Although I’m not feeling very clever right now, daughter Susan continues to be creative and so here is another of her ‘Muriel says…’ Enjoy!

Thank you Susan…


8 thoughts on “Another ‘Muriel says…’

  1. I hope the gnats you have aren’t like the nasty biting ones we get around here! I am REALLY allergic to them (as is my horse Koda), and a bite from one of them ended up giving me cellulitis in my arm this past summer. I mean, really, like I don’t have enough to deal with from the cellulite in my thighs and hiney…I have to have cellulitis TOO?

    Don’t let those little buggers bite you, Maughm…I think your strategy of snorting them up your nose may be the best approach!

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