My poor confused little lilac tree…

In the middle of this pandemic, our Strata decided to give our old building a face-lift. Our windows, glass doors, and balconies are included in the process. My cherished miniature lilac tree lives on the balcony. So do various other plants. They all had to be removed.

Some owners got their stuff down to the yard below, but I can’t do that on my own and how much can you ask others to do? (I’m on the 3rd floor.) I decided to ask dear Andrew to bring them all into my dining area instead. Maybe it was a mistake. This isn’t the first mistake I’ve made in my life.

My plants have mostly died. That’s okay. I can start over, except for my beloved lilac tree. I love lilacs. And Susan bought it for me just because I love them. Since it IS small, I can easily bury my face into the lovely blossoms. Inside, the tree began to look dead. Susan and I both began mourning. Still, I kept watering the poor thing — just in case.

My lovely miniature lilac tree, a gift from daughter Susan

This week, whaddaya know! It started sprouting leaves. Leaves? Now? It’s December. The beginning of winter. My little lilac tree is obviously confused. Living in my warm apartment, it thinks it’s spring!! Let’s face it, this is no time for a self-respecting lilac tree to start sprouting greenery. What to do??

Lilac tree and Jerry, the Inukshuk Susan made for me

I’ve started talking to the lilac tree as you would to a wayward child. ‘You can’t be doing that now, you silly thing. What will the neighbours say? They’ll accuse me of being a bad mother.’

Gosh, let’s face it, they’ll KNOW how crazy I am when they hear me talking to my confused miniature tree. Okay, okay. I know that you, dear reader, already know how nutty I am. No need to rub it in…


16 thoughts on “My poor confused little lilac tree…

  1. You’re not crazy to love your lilac tree. Plants are living things, and we nurture them and love them. I had one hanging basket on my balcony that I cared for all summer. I watched the hummingbirds visit, and they preferred the flowers to the feeder. Then it was time to let the flowers in the basket go. I hope your confused lilac tree figures things out. Perhaps it will brighten your winter with blossoms.

  2. I hope the wee lilac will end up being okay, despite its current confusion! It has been alive now for so many years and done so well, despite being North-facing on your balcony. When I lived in Vancouver, I remember that I always used to pilfer a big bouquet of multi-colored lilacs from neighbors (with their permission!) every Mother’s Day, but since I’m not there now and I know how much you love lilacs, I have been so glad that the little tree keeps on blooming for you right around Mother’s Day! I would be very sad if it died, but lilacs are surprisingly tough plants, thriving in a wide variety of environments, so I hope it will come back. I must say that I’m a little disappointed in Jerry, as he should have the good sense to tell the lilac that it should not be sprouting now! They are fast friends, and he might have more influence with the lilac than you do. Perhaps you should be scolding him?

    • And hearing from YOU Bill: Is good for MY soul. I was beginning to worry about you and planned to send you an email after I had finished the task I undertook for this morning which I just finished. Love to you and your Nancy. Muriel

  3. Hi there! I nominated you for Travel Challenge because I know you’ve been to a lot of places. If you can participate that would be awesome. If you can’t it is okay I understand.

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