Goodbye November…

My goodness it’s the end of November. I must say I’m glad to kiss this month goodbye. Our building is being upgraded — absolute madness during the pandemic! What were they thinking???

They’re replacing our balconies, glass windows and doors, repairing and painting, etc. etc. Workers hammer and bang and saw all day long five days a week. Yuk!

it’s making me crazy

They also busy themselves making appointments to do the abatement in my suite and cancel at the last minute after I’ve covered every single piece of furniture (it happened three times already) and it’s all making me crazy.

On top of it all, we (and our whole area) lost power for a day, our hot water didn’t flow for five full days (although the plumbers came each day to try again) and our elevator refused to work for almost a week! (They had to send for a part.) What’s going on??? Could it be a plot???

Nonetheless I did write a post yesterday. When I read it this morning, I hated it, so I’ll borrow again from daughter Susan. Here’s another of her ‘Muriel Says’. She is truly funny…..

Poor Susan looks really scared


22 thoughts on “Goodbye November…

  1. I didn’t just LOOK really scared — I WAS really scared! I should never have agreed to let you drive the ATV…you’ve always been a “red hot mama” behind the wheel, lead-footin’ it wherever you went! When we went up on two wheels and nearly tipped over a cliff, I thought that would slow you down, but no — you just let rip with that maniacal laugh that takes hold of you when you are risking life and limb! NEVER AGAIN, lady! And to all of Muriel’s fans out there: If you value your life, DON’T LET HER DRIVE!!!

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