Thanksgiving? Yup, I’m grateful…

It must be Thanksgiving in the States because I received a couple of cards in the mail today. As a kid I loved Halloween, but as an adult, Thanksgiving is my absolute favourite. I have much to be grateful for and don’t at all mind thinking of this holiday more than once a year. (In Canada, we celebrate it earlier, so I get to do so twice.)

daughter Susan

I’m grateful for the love of my children, son Rafi, his loving wife Chandra and their son Remy, daughter Susan and her Michael, plus others I love who care about me here and in the US.

It’s been rough with much happening where I live (or perhaps it’s that much that should be happening hasn’t been happening) and I’m exhausted by it all. Thus, I haven’t the mindset to write the post I would have wanted to, so I’ll cheat and use another one of daughter Susan’s ‘Muriel Says…’ instead.

That my daughter thinks anything I say is worth using on her Facebook is absolutely astounding to me.
Yes, I love her too….

Here it is:


20 thoughts on “Thanksgiving? Yup, I’m grateful…

  1. I’m grateful that I had a mama who loved me enough to save all the little lumps in the Cream of Wheat for me, because she knew I liked them. And to walk with me all the way to Paris Pastry so I could get the meringues I liked there. And who agreed to let my dad bring me home a lizard from the desert when they went on a trip. And who fell in love with the dog who kept following me home and whose idea it was to ask her owners if we could keep her — and who was even willing to pay for that scraggly little mutt if needed! I know she wanted to do even more…she would have gotten me a horse if we could have afforded it. However, she did fail me in one respect: she never got me or even WANTED to get me the black panther I wanted as a little kid! I mean, what kind of mother is THAT??? I am obviously scarred for life from that one…

    • You managed to make me laugh again Susan: I remember it all, especially the issue of the black panther. When you were four to told me you would NEVER be happy because I wouldn’t get you one. Whew! Glad that’s behind us. Love, Maughm

      • I guess I shouldn’t say you never got me one. You got me the little carved black wooden cat and told me it was supposed to be a panther. It sits on the window in my living room — on the other window is that silly red-legged blue ceramic bird you brought from New Zealand. I get to think of you every time I see those cute little chachkes!

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