Muriel says:

Had an email from daughter Susan saying she laughed out loud when she read the response I wrote a reader who commented on the ridiculous 40 cent adventure I had with FedEx. (See ‘I can hardly believe it myself…’ October, 2020)

Daughter Susan

Susan often laughs at stuff I say and decided to start posting them on Facebook. If truth be told, she’s as hilarious as I am any day and makes me laugh out loud too. And, when we get together, her poor husband Michael, usually quiet and normal, is perfectly capable of joining in with the nonsense.

Here’s the first in the series she plans:


14 thoughts on “Muriel says:

  1. You truly do crack me up! I got your message just now about you managing to create this blog post 100% on your own, and even your message made me laugh! Just a little bit sad too, though, thinking you won’t need to call me for help anymore… Kind of like when your kids grow up and fly the nest, I guess. Now that you’re a computer genius, you’ll just have to pretend you can’t do something at some point so that I still get to feel needed…”sniff”… : )

    • See. You’ve got me laughing all over again! Yes, I am proud of myself right now. Since WordPress ‘improved’??? their system, I’ve gotten into trouble each time. Thank you for being there for me all the time. Not to worry, I’m sure I’ll be needing your help again soon with some other unsolvable computer crisis.

  2. Dear Susan & Muriel, I think it would be a fantastic idea for the two of you to blog together. You make a great team and crack me up. I have an idea that is 100% guaranteed to increase your readers by thousands or maybe millions: call yourselves the “S & M” blog. Those are your initials right?

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