I can hardly believe it myself…

photo by Chandra

Such ridiculous stuff happens in my life, even I can hardly believe it. I seem to swim in a sea of insanity. Am I the only one? Here’s the latest:

Daughter Susan sent me a birthday gift in July — a used book I enjoyed, some crackers I like and a tiny, loving book. Nice…

Happy Birthday Mom

Shortly afterwards FedEx sent me a statement for $27.19. Susan said it was incorrect and contacted them. The next month, another came. Again Susan took care of it. The most recent one reads: ‘Final Payment Reminder’. No one wants to lose their credit rating for 27 bucks, so I called poor Susan and said I’d call them myself.

Lose my credit rating for $27?

I waited much too long for an answer. What else is new? George (not his real name to save him embarrassment) looked into the matter and determined Susan was right, the invoice WAS incorrect. He decided I actually owed 40 cents.

My dear friend Celine would have asked what for, but she’s better at getting down to bare facts. I have no idea how he came to that conclusion. My response?? I just burst out laughing.

This is how I responded.

‘Surely you can write that off.’
‘Unfortunately, I can’t do that.’
‘Then, how about taking 40 cents out of your pocket and contributing it?’
‘I’m not allowed to do that.’

I couldn’t believe it. How silly to waste so much time on 40 cents in this day and age.

‘C’mon. You can’t mean that.’
‘Let me check with a colleague.’ I was again to wait on hold.
‘No. I can’t do that.’ What to do?

I DID issue a M/C payment

To end the insanity and get back to my life, I DID issue a credit card payment for 40 cents. (What will Mastercard think?) But it didn’t end there.

George had to give me a ‘Case number: #E18843733, and a Confirmation number: #96332523. He must have spent about 25 minutes on the phone with me, and I lost about an hour at my end. Was it over? No!!!

Later I received an email from FedEx in both English and French telling me the adjustment had been approved for: Invoice #243833532, Tracking number: 394423256230, etc. etc. Whew!

All is not lost however. Susan promises to send me the 40 cents in American money, which is probably worth $40,000 Canadian. Yeah!


21 thoughts on “I can hardly believe it myself…

  1. This is not even taking into account the HOURS I spent on the phone with them, and writing them MULTIPLE letters, which every time they swore would take care of the issue. Each time I BESEECHED them not to bother my poor mother anymore, and that if they had to correspond about the issue, to contact me directly. They never did that. TOTAL INCOMPETENCE. Definitely using UPS next time!

  2. Is it my imagination, or is life actually getting MORE complicated rather than easier, these days??
    I’m glad that you & Susan finally got it figured out, (and that you created a great story out of the situation!)

  3. Omg, Muriel. I can’t stand it, just expletive deleted can’t stand it anymore! I tried to get an itemized bill from my mobile phone company, and wandered in their website for an hour before talking to a service representative—a robot service representative. (I’m afraid I hurt its feelings. Or, as it replied, “I’m sorry you feel that way.”) Finally, for what passes as my sanity, I did what the website was designed to cause me to do. I gave up. You are my hero even if you did pay the 40 cents.

    • I think Susan and I both deserve herohood after this nonsensical happening, which, unfortunately isn’t rare anymore. As for websites, can you imagine how I manage that kind of stuff at my age? Love to you and Donna. Endure sisters, endure….

  4. That’s funny and so ridiculous! Obviously, management is not paying attention.
    Yesterday we had a fraud charge on our Barclay cc. Had to close the account and get new credit cards sent to us here in Colombia. It took 1hr and 10 minutes for Susan and an additional 35 minutes for me. Together we spoke to 5 different people and answered the same security questions 4 times!
    The higher-ups in these companies are not paying attention.

  5. That’s it !!!!!
    My dander ( not dandriff)is up !!!!!
    I’m starting a go fund me page so you nor your family is out 40 cents !!!!
    How dare that multi-billion company not be able to wipe that out !!!!!
    Personally I would have sent them 41 cents so they can owe you!!!!!!
    The next fedex truck I see I’m getting your 40 cents worth out of them !!!!!!!!
    I’ve got your back Sweety!!!

    • I have to admit Bill; I laughed out loud again when I read about the ‘Go-Fund’ page you’re set on starting to raise the 40 cents FedEx squeezed out of me. Great idea! Go for it man. My poor daughter is cutting her horses’ supply of hay in order to save up the 40 cents U.S. she wants to reimburse me. (Worth about $40,000 Canadian.) Hugs, Muriel

  6. A few years ago my mother was getting a monthly statement from a RBC account she hadn’t used in years showing a balance of 56 cents. We called several times asking if they couldn’t just close the account, but they insisted that Mom had to come into the bank to sign the paperwork herself. Getting Mom to and from anywhere in those days was a major undertaking and we just didn’t think it was worth 56 cents to put her through the hassle. Mom died two years ago, age 97, and the statements kept right on coming. We filed a change of address notice and her mail started coming to my address, including the 56 cent statement. A year later the mail forwarding expired, so I imagine the statements were then returned marked “undeliverable”. I wonder if, yet another year on, they continue to be sent out by the bank, returned, trashed. Sent out again a month later. Returned. Trashed. If nothing else, the computer has job security!

    • There are so many stupid things like this happening to us all these days, but I had one in 1982 for one penny which threatened my credit rating way back then. Computers were new and my problems with them had already begun. See my post: ‘Computers are out to get me’, September, 2013.
      Love to you. Waiting patiently until after the pandemic to see you again.

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