The truth is catching on…

My daughter Susan has never been very interested in politics. However, living in Donald Trump’s America has changed that, and she has become quite active in trying to ensure that Trump does not get a second term in office. One of the things she has done is create a hilarious but pointed song/video meant to remind voters of some of the many reasons why Trump is not fit for office. I thought I would share it with you, and if you enjoy it, please feel free to share it with your friends. Here is the link (you may need to cut and paste it into your browser if clicking on it here doesn’t work):

You can also just go to YouTube and search for “The Truth is Catching On”, which is the name of the video. If you would like to see the lyrics in closed captions, click on the little “CC” on the bottom right-hand side of the video and it will bring them up.

P.S I am unable to see my children who live in the U.S. because the border is closed. Why? Because of the terrible mishandling of the pandemic. If you share our concern, please pass this along to your American friends.


7 thoughts on “The truth is catching on…

  1. Thanks for the post, Maughm. The daily horror and shame of having this awful human being as the supposed leader of this once-great nation is disheartening, but I have hope we will beat him senseless in November!

  2. Susan, I am really impressed with your video. You are so talented and clever. Where does this ability come from? I don’t believe it is due to genetics as I know your Mother . You may want to consider a career in music. I’ll buy your CD anytime.

    • You are absolutely right, Brian. Since you do know my mother so well, you know that I clearly did NOT inherit any talent or cleverness from her, nor intelligence, humor, or my giant dose of silliness. None of us kids got those things from her, nor were we taught compassion, standing up for what you believe in, being brave and taking chances, the value of education, a love of the arts, a strong sense of fairness and respect for others, knowing right from wrong… Nah, we didn’t get any of THAT kind of stuff from her — she’s clearly not that kind of person at ALL! : )

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