My body needs my exercise classes…

I miss a lot of things these days. I miss my children who live in the U.S. — the border is closed. We love to laugh and behave nutty.

I miss friends I can’t see. I miss my book club. I miss using public transportation. (Protective loved ones don’t want me to.) My body, however, misses my Arthritis ‘Joint-works’ class I attended before the pandemic.


Dr. Google says there are about 360 joints in our bodies, and mine are loudly complaining about neglect, especially when I try to sleep.

I INTENDED to do them. I know how important they are, but somehow, it hasn’t happened as often as it should.

My bike’s easy

It ought to be easy, I’ve been good about using my Exercycle for years, but that takes little effort. Climb on, click on the DVD I’m currently watching, and viola.

Rebecca, Brian & me

Rebecca and Brian, my wonderful L.A. ‘kids’, exercise on their own at home every day. They never miss. But, too often, I do and my old bones aren’t happy. The ‘Joint-works’ routine IS complicated and requires many different movements, and I allow life to get in my way — much too often.

It was social

The class was also social and I miss that aspect of it. We all had Arthritis, had bonded, and often met for coffee afterwards. If I had been reluctant to go in the first place, I allowed myself to feel noble afterwards. It was all good.

So tell me why three weeks can now pass without ‘finding the time’ to do those exercises at home? I know they matter — I’m not totally stupid. Suggestions anyone???


23 thoughts on “My body needs my exercise classes…

  1. Socialising is something we all miss nowadays! I love exercise, but at days like today I feel lazy! …
    I can take u as an inspiration, at ur age if you regret missing exercise surely I must regret too! ~♥~

  2. Was wondering the same, am in the busy-doing-nothing phase these days. And then I came across your 2017 post, Persistence brings progress 😀

  3. Wow. Amazing post 😇🥳

    The meditation path I follow (Paramahansa Yogananda- Self Realisation Fellowship) we have a set of 38 exercises; I have been doing these morning and evening for 20 years. These are amazing.

  4. Same here, Muriel, same here! My exercise “journal” is staring me in the face daily, and I’ve been trying to ignore it! OK, let’s get exercising! We’ll feel better after we do, I’m sure of it:)

    • Hi Val: I do hope you don’t hurt like I do when you don’t manage some extra exercising in your day. I do walk every single day, but my joints need more than that. Stay well and thanks for reading. Fond regards…

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