Covid-19: A List…

COVID-19: A list….

Lately someone on the radio said he starts each day by listing 10 things he is grateful for. This being Covid:19, I decided to try for 19. Here goes…

I am grateful for:

1. My children and their loved ones. Their frequent calls give me warm fuzzies. (The border is closed, we can’t visit.)

2. Local special friends who are like family, especially Amy, who drives me everywhere I must go. She doesn’t want me on public transit yet.

Thank you Aina

3. Aina Wifolk (1928-1983) Look her up on Wikipedia…

4. The beautiful mountains I see from my window. I don’t climb them, but sure like seeing them.

5. The white clouds that frequently reach their arms out and around said mountains in loving-like embraces.

6. The lit ski hill which I see every night. I don’t ski, but enjoy imagining others on it.

Hummingbirds bring me joy.

7. The tiny hummingbirds who visit the feeder on my balcony and then flit away.

8. The bean plant that struggled so this year to provide me with a crop of one solitary bean. (The weather wasn’t kind to growing things.)

9. Chandra, my dear daughter-in-law, who bought me snow peas to plant. They thrived. (I don’t know why) I had a lot of those.

10. The flowers in their containers on my balcony which come back again and again.

They help us get what we need.

11. Those who keep our local shops going during this pandemic so I can safely obtain whatever I need.

12. The kind neighbour in my building, who put out a flowering plant and card this week because one of our long-time residents passed away.

13. The neighbours and friends who emailed to offer me help should I need it during these trying times.

14. The people who maintain those little free libraries in my neighbourhood. How would I survive without them. (Our libraries are closed and I’m an avid reader.)

15. The thoughtfulness of daughter Susan, who sent me a wonderful birthday package including a used book about ancient China. She knew I would enjoy it. I did.

16. Catherine, who had read a ‘large print’ book, enjoyed it and so brought it to me. It was good and extra easy on my eyes.

Free libraries on our local streets.

17. The strangers who say hello or chat with me from a safe distance when I walk ALONE each day. It makes this pandemic livable.

18. All the people in my life who care about me.

19. All of you who read my blog. Writing these posts gives me additional challenges and pleasures during these crazy times.


11 thoughts on “Covid-19: A List…

  1. Thank you for sustaining health and long meaningful life.
    Wow those street libraries for free, we do not have them in our neighbourhood in Burnaby.

    • So happy to hear from you Grace:
      Maybe you haven’t looked hard enough for one of those libraries. You can put books you don’t want, and take others you may want to read. I love them. I also love you and miss you terribly. Please stay well.

  2. I’m grateful to live where I do, as I am able to be outside multiple times a day. I’m grateful for soft, velvety horse muzzles, which have magical Trump-blocking qualities when you kiss them. Also for my sweet doggy Jake, who is doing really well after his surgery and was a very good boy for his bath today! I’m most of all grateful for my family, though I miss seeing everyone — especially YOU, Maughm!

    • The comment above is from daughter Susan, who had to come into my computer to rescue me yesterday because WordPress decided to ‘upgrade’? the process of creating a post. “Upgrade’ actually means: ‘Let’s screw up Muriel and make her miserable.” Aggghhh! Thank you Susan for rescuing me. I love YOU too. Maughm

  3. Wonderful reminder about gratitude….you’re inspiring me to get back to my “Gratitude Journal”!
    I’m grateful that I met you, Muriel, and that we continue to connect, via our blogs:)

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