Sports Medicine clinic…


photo by Chandra

Daughter Susan and I were having


There was a lot of laughter

one of our frequent crazy telephone conversations. As usual, there was a lot of laughter. This time she was amused because I’m seeing a ‘Sports Medicine’ clinic for my ancient, arthritic knee.

It IS funny since Susan knows very well I’m not into sports. Nor have I ever been — not even as a spectator.

At school, we played baseball in the

strike two

I doubt I ever hit a ball

summertime. I was the last chosen and usually ended up out in

This is it. jpg

Studying the daisies

field where I could contemplate the beauty of the daisies. I doubt I ever hit a ball. (I may have some attributes, but was always lousy at such things.)

Nor did I ever have a bike or learn how to ride one, although my husband and I rode a tandem which I managed not to upend. (But once HE did and I broke some toes.) I manage somewhat on my Exercycle, thank you, although I need to ice my knees later. It’s the only bike riding I do.


It may be I already had a vestibular disorder as a kid. Years later, I ended up being the co-founder, with Dr. Graham Bryce, of the B.C. Balance & Dizziness Disorders Society (BADD) and we managed to help many others with similar disorders.

In any case I was always a klutz, which was okay since I was also the first to be chosen for the debating team or class president (before said position was politicized) and renowned as the class artist.

So, after Susan and I cracked up on the phone about my non-existent athletic skills and my visiting a ‘Sports Medicine’ clinic, I received this photo clever Susan created. It is just too funny not to share with you. The face is mine, but that’s all I can honestly claim.


Mom, Star Athlete

The face is mine, but that’s all I can honestly claim.

Hilarious, isn’t it?????

Hey, it’s son Rafi’s birthday today. I love him whole bunches! Wish him Happy Birthday!



17 thoughts on “Sports Medicine clinic…

  1. You forgot to tell them what I said when you told me that we were going to have to respect you upon your next birthday, since you were surely going to achieve wisdom then, as it didn’t happen on this birthday. I said, “Hmm…I wouldn’t get your hopes up. You’re an athlete, after all, and athletes are not known for their brains!”

  2. Muriel, you look fantastic in your latest photo. It is amazing that you don’t need to use a walker and I swear you must have lost about 5 pounds. I’m nor crazy about the blue outfit as I feel you look better in red. You sure have changed since the last time I visited. Keep doing your exercise bike-it really works. Happy birthday Rafi!!

  3. As one “non-athlete” to another, I’m so glad that we both have a sense of humour about it all!
    I wonder if you’re seeing the same sports medicine physio as I am?? (I tore a hamstring muscle last month.) My appointments are on Zoom, in the comfort of my own living room. Enjoy your walks, and the daisies, too:) V.

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