A COVID:19 Romance…

wqlkerCOVID:19 or no, If I don’t continue my dally walks these old bones of mine may not want to go anywhere, so I’m walking each day — totally on my own. Those who care about me kept reminding me how old I am and that I must take extra care out there, so I do.

I avoid the major street where I usually walk. The shops, cafes, and markets are all located there and I think it wise to avoid people so I use only the side streets, where there are just apartment buildings and houses. There are very few cars on the streets right now and many less people.

On one of these very first walks, I saw a man sitting outyoungr&J in the sun on a second floor balcony. He waved down to me and said hello. I asked if he was staying in like me. He was. We ended up chatting, he sitting on his balcony above and me sitting on my walker below on the sidewalk.

REDsIf things had been reversed, I would say it was like the tragic story of Romeo and Juliet. And if I told you we made each other laugh, became fast friends, exchanged phone numbers and now talk endlessly so that’s why my phone is usually busy, and have decided we really like each other, have much in common and shall spend oodles of time with each other after this is over, it would be a lovely end to the story. Right? Unfortunately, it would also be a big fat lie. That’s not how it ended.


Since then, although I’ve walked on the same street and passed under ‘Romeo’s’ balcony many times, I’ve not seen him again. Is he chatting with someone new? Is that the real end of this love story?

funny-elderly-husband-wife-celebrating-wedding-anniversary-old-senior-couple-listening-to-music-vector-cartoon-174728339True, we really did have an enjoyable chat, that part is actually true. However without breakfasts every day at my favorite cafe, many lunches with friends, exercise classes to take, visits to the library, and everything else I do in my ordinary life, things are more leisurely right now and I don’t get out at the same time each day. Perhaps the lack of a new COVID:19 romance in my life is my own fault. Poor ‘Romeo’ just doesn’t know when  I’ll show up. This is, indeed, a tragedy!

Oh, well…..


6 thoughts on “A COVID:19 Romance…

  1. Great story, and, you had me there for a minute! But no, it was not to be. I admire your creative imagination, Muriel, and your “get up and go”! You’re inspiring me to get out there and go for a walk every day:)

    • Great to hear from you Val: Gosh, if I don’t get these old bones going every day I’d be afraid they would go n strike and refuse to go anywhere. And, since it is so gorgeous out these days, it is a perfect time to walk the quiet streets of Vancouver, even if alone. Stay well, fondly.

  2. Tell the REAL reason that this didn’t blossom into a romance, Maughm — you have too many admirers as it is and regularly have to beat them off with your cane! Plus, you already have a guy out there who gives Romeo a run for his money — JOE! I seriously doubt that Romeo would be more fun or creative or generous than Joe, from whom all men should take lessons in the art of being a worthy beau. You know all your female acquaintance (including me) are jealous! I think it was kind of you to leave at least one out there for the rest of us, as you know very well you could have summoned that fellow to clamber down off his balcony and fall at your feet with one crook of your little arthritic finger!

    • I’ve come to a conclusion Susan: You ARE more of a nut than I am. I must admit, however, I’m certainly grateful for Joe in my life. He adds very much to my existence.
      You’re so funny, I think one of these days instead of writing books and articles about horses, you’ll be writing humor — wait and see. Love, Maughm

      • …And WHERE did I inherit the nut gene from? WHERE did I learn the invaluable nature of a good laugh? FROM WHOM did I get the idea that silliness is next to godliness? From my completely insane, hilarious, laughter-loving, adorable, wonderful, man-magnet of a MAUGHM, that’s who!

      • Oh no Susan: You never inherited that from ME. I am a totally rational, level-headed and most serious personage. Never would I waste precious time with silliness and laughter. It is everyone else in the whole wide world who is crazy, not me. Ahem! Ha, ha, love, Maughm

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