Haven’t I Seen This Movie?


Judy Parker and my favorite cat Bear

I’ve been housebound during this stressful time of COVID: 19 and Judy is one of those special friends who have stayed in touch. She has been checking in by email every single day. What would I do without friends like her? Thank you Judy and also to the many others who have not forgotten me.

Judy Parker is a brilliant, published author and an avid reader who contributes much to our book club. I am fortunate to have her in my life.

Thank you too, Judy, for allowing me to share your work with my readers and to love your cat Bear.


Lucky me.

P.S. Please note the spaces between Judy’s poem’s lines are because of my lack of expertise with technology. Please disregard them. Thank you, Muriel


Haven’t I Seen This Movie?

By Judy Parker

Small town or big city. Lonely cabin or


Michigan Lake beach. I was there

dark lane. South Pacific Island.

Sandy beach on a sunny day.
Cue ominous music. Where is the
cheerleader? The old geezer? The jock?
Somebody gives warning but the
warnings are mocked. “Run away! Hide!
Stay in your homes!”
The monster creeps closer,
slithers or slides, stomps on the cities
or eats the new bride. And everyone parties,


Where is the cheerleader?

unaware of the screams, until they’re
the victims, and it’s their blood that streams
over the cobbles or down the morgue drain.
Finally it’s over, the movie is done,
and no one’s too worried about who is gone.
It’s only a movie. It’s all in fun. Monsters
In movies will leave us alone. But the monsters
we face now will follow us home. This isn’t
a movie. It just feels like it’s one.



The movie is done…


The Jock?


12 thoughts on “Haven’t I Seen This Movie?

  1. Judy’s poem hits the nail on the head. This invisible monster is driving the world crazy. I hope someone finds a cure soon. Otherwise the damage to the economy will be hard to repair. Peoples habits will change; the new work place is home. Children will prefer home schooling. The only one who does not understand why we are at home is the family dog. He enjoys the family being together. Great poem Judy.

  2. Hi Judy! Your poem expresses so well what most of us are feeling at present. I’ve never seen a movie with a plot like the one the whole of humanity is experiencing from day to day. Unbelievable!
    For me, the “one day at a time, one moment at a time” method helps a bit. Thanks to Muriel for always presenting what’s happening around the world in a meaningful and original way.—Val
    P.S. So that’s what Bear looks like!:)

    • Good to hear from you Val: I hope you’re doing alright during this crazy time and you’re not too stressed out by what’s going on. You obviously saw what I did in Judy’s poem, she’s right on. (Doesn’t Bear look cuddly?) Stay well, Muriel

  3. Judy is indeed a talented writer, Maughm! So many elements in that poem, from the humorous to the macabre. And sadly, a monstrous dose of truth for our current situation. You have pretty neat friends, I have to say!

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