COVID-19 Projects…

Yup. I’m not seeing anyone. I’m not going to Terra’s for breakfast Muriel2017these days. I’m not eating lunch out with friends. I’m really being good and staying home which isn’t awful, except I’m not getting any hugs either. Everyone will owe me some!


watching Jackie Chan


I’ve walked each day – alone, along deserted side streets. I’ve been on my Exercycle daily too. I’m doing 17 minutes per sitting and plan to get it to 20 minutes soon. Am thoroughly enjoying the Jackie Chan DVD ‘The Accidental Spy’ which I watch while pedaling. Can’t wait to get back to it after I finish this…


My first project was to get my tax papers in order. Oh joys! Still, I knew if I got it out of the way, I’d feel really noble. Yeah! That took two whole mornings. Whew!


Taxes. Whew!

Then yesterday, I decided to organize my long neglected box of

Photo on 2020-03-19 at 14.33

Plastic containers organized for now

plastic containers. They’re kept on a pull out shelf in my kitchen. They’re convenient but were, as usual, in a holy mess. I don’t often think reorganizing them is important.


I planned to get rid of many of them,

Photo on 2020-03-19 at 14.31

4 to go

but ended up selecting only four to give to the Senior Centre when it reopens. (They serve lunches and those who can’t make their own meals often buy extra food to take home. Sometimes they forget containers so mine may come in handy.)

Photo on 2020-03-19 at 14.29

Many don’t fit each other


There were plenty of lonely tops and bottoms which didn’t fit anything, like those single socks we accumulate when we do laundry. I’ve got plenty of those. Do you want any?


Its nice to see all those containers neatly stacked in their carton. But if you come over three days from now, I assure you they’ll be in a big mess again. The only way I can keep them looking so neat would be to NEVER, EVER use them again!


My junk drawer? What treasures will I find…


Now, next project will be my kitchen junk drawer. I wonder what treasures I’ll find there….


16 thoughts on “COVID-19 Projects…

  1. I was looking through one of our several junk drawers recently, looking for some long-lost key to a lock we never use (which I did find, by the way), and I just couldn’t fathom some of the things that were in there!

  2. Any activity is better than watching TV. Rather than organize things in my room I chose to search my Picasa App and look for videos of the good old days. I let my mind wander and dream which I find more relaxing than organizing my “plastic containers”. I found a video taken when I was in Scottsdale and had a few great grand children visiting from other parts of the USA. I became a fruit salad chef and prepared the most elegant bowl of mixed fresh fruits. It was a positive and fulfilling day. So, I forwarded the video via Whatsup so that the family gang can have a virtual treat of fresh fruit. It is so smart of you to keep up with your exercise. Great blog as usual. Keep smiling Muriel.

    • What a great way to spend time at home Joe: Good on you! You certainly found a great way to occupy yourself. Next time you make a great fruit salad, don’t forget to count me in. If you think plastic containers are stupid, wait till you learn what I find in my ‘junk drawer’. Chuckle.

  3. Busy lady! We too are staying at home, and I have been finally tossing out similar containers, old clothes, hoarded newspaper cuttings etc etc. Feeling like I’ve achieved something!! 😀

  4. You brightened my day too!

    I did my library/desk cleanup also this week…..Long overdue…..probably by a lot of months….I would be ashamed to say…year…. 🙂

    By the way, one thing keeps propping up in my head. It will be very interesting to read after this whole dreaded virus spread has finished what the effects have been on our lovely planet.

    This global lock down, might have given some unintentional breathing space to our little planet to heal & recover (even for a tiny bit) from all our human being activities….

  5. For once I don’t have any excuses not to do spring cleaning! Now, where to begin? Maybe with our kitchen junk drawer! You’ve inspired me, Muriel, not only to get busy with some of these “tasks”, but also to get out there and do more walking:) Your upbeat blog is such a blessing, especially nowadays.

    • Hi Val: So glad you feel inspired. I tackled that junk drawer today, however discovered every kitchen drawer looks like a junk drawer! How did that happen??? Still, I did find some treasures and shall tell you about them in my next post. Enjoy each day and stay safe. Love, Muriel

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