Learning about my computer…..

better sick comp

My computer was ill

My computer must be about 14 years old. When it was 11, it was ill and needed care, so I took it in to the Apple Store where I bought it. They do repairs, but refused to fix mine because, said they, it was over 10 years old. Obviously, if I didn’t buy a new one, Apple would go bankrupt for sure. Right? so, I took it elsewhere and it’s been feeling fine ever since.


If you think I know how to use everything on my computer you are absolutely mistaken. I’m not at all a technologically-gifted individual.




Daughter Susan visited. She deemed it of value to attempt to teach her maughm how to use something new –my computer’s built-in camera. It’s always been there, but has never ever been used before. It was an experience to remember.

Photo on 2020-02-12 at 19.17

The first photo. How could I resist?


It takes more than a little patience to teach me computer stuff, but Susan knows me well and how to keep me focused. Make me laugh and you’ve got my full attention. This Susan accomplished — in spades. She definitely had my attention after she showed me this gorgeous photo of herself.


Lucky you, because of Susan’s Photo on 2020-02-12 at 19.17 #2patience, you get the privilege of seeing two real beauties. Aren’t we gorgeous? Well, we sure had fun.


Photo on 2020-02-13 at 09.15

The thought of her leaving. (Note I was just coming out of a cold, I can see it in my eyes.)

After we howled with laughter, Susan diligently wrote down very clear instructions to leave for me.

Will her efforts bear fruit?



Look Susan. I just took this one of me in my reading glasses! Your instructions were great!!! Thank you! Thank you!  I love the idea of learning something new.

Photo on 2020-02-17 at 16.58

For you Susan. With love!



16 thoughts on “Learning about my computer…..

  1. Those are GREAT pictures! We are so incredibly beautiful — I don’t know how we manage to walk down the street without hoards of men following us! I love that you have such a great sense of humor, Maughm. I always know we’ll find some way to laugh our tushes off every time I visit…

    • Right you are Susan: I’d better take my cane with me next time I walk on 4th Avenue to fight the men off with. Yes, I was exhausted when you came but you still managed to make me laugh. You’re something else. Maybe even crazier than I am — if that is possible. Love ya, Maughm

  2. Just when I thought it was safe to read your column I see a picture of you that is soooo serious I’m wondering if a robot has replaced the real queen of the blog. You are always smiling and laughing so I doubt that any of your devoted readers will believe that the picture is really you. Please take another picture of the real Muriel and post it ASAP or I may have to call the police , the RCMP or the girl scouts to rescue you. Don’t make me do it. Besides it’s a lot of work and I’m not in the mood.

  3. Haha. I’m glad you kept your computer alive! These days, they always demand that you buy a new one. It’s pretty ridiculous. Congratulations to you for getting around that!

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