Am I addicted too???

Muriel2017I’ll come clean and admit it. I think I’m addicted. I don’t watch TV; I no longer smoke; I’m much too poor a loser to gamble, and so crazy sober I don’t have to drink. But, I do have a secret and maybe getting it out in the open will be the first step towards conquering it.

I didn’t grow up with modern technology. Heck, I remember us having a telephone party line! The bookkeeping machine we used in the early 60s took up a whole wall.


In the 1960s we got a ‘bookkeeping machine’ (something like this) which took up a whole wall

I’ve looked askance at those who are addicted to their I-Phones. I especially judge young mothers on the bus who give little ones phones to keep them quite. (Those I-phones damage very young eyes — something to do with pixels.) I carry a cell-phone too, but only for emergencies and rarely use it.


Once upon a time, we just used an adding machine



The bible says: ‘Do not judge or you too will be judged.’ But now, I’m beginning to wonder. Am I also addicted???


Am I also addicted???

I’ve followed the same routine for years. When I worked as a columnist and technology allowed me to email my articles in, I learned to become an expert at creating multiple stalling tactics to avoid writing.

If you picture me approaching my computer with glee, impatient to communicate with you, that ain’t necessarily so. Yes, I like expressing my thoughts or frustrations, but that doesn’t make it any easier to get started.


First I must go through my routine

First, I must play a game of Boggle. (Its good for my aging brain.) Then, I need to have (no more than) three games of solitaire. (Same excuse.) After that I check my Blog Stats (always interesting) then I read my email, answer those which require immediate attention and leave the others for later, or maybe never. After all this, I make all the phone calls I deem necessary, followed by the phone calls which are absolutely not necessary, and then, reluctantly, will get to work.


Waddaya think?


When I do start, the writing is easy enough. Its just getting to it that’s so darn hard. So, waddaya think? Is my routine an addition? Am I addicted too???


12 thoughts on “Am I addicted too???

  1. If there was a fire and you wouldn’t leave your desk until you finished your 3rd game of solitaire, then we might have a problem.

  2. I think having a routine gets things in order and more efficiently. Other times of the day maybe left open for other stuff to be done and attended to, but one feels good when all the routine has been done and gotten over with.
    Your write ups are nice, informative , entertaining and funny at times….. even the pictures that capture the moments are nicely put. That is a good addiction….. writing…. something good for the brain.
    Keep it up.
    I still owe you a phone call regarding St. Petersburg.

  3. Your routine seems to be working well for you!

    and does deliver on writing your blog! So it sounds good!

    Breaking it down…first, you warmup your brain and keep it “fit” with the games

    then you do “socializing”/”work” via answering your email that matters

    in the end you socialize a bit more via your phone calls (important ones or just chatting)

    To me it is pretty similar to a warmup prior to a swim workout. First I fire up body & mind through exercises together with socializing with co-athletes. This helps a lot to de-stress and get motivated for the workout. Then the workout follows.

    I reckon you are doing great! Sometimes there are elements in our routines we don’t like. For me, best recipe has been to not cancel those parts, but replace them with some new element. For example if one co-athlete stresses me in warmup, I switch to warming up with another instead of warming up on my own.

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