Where did 2019 go?

Muriel2017It’s December. Where the heck did 2019 go? I remember when it started. Seems like yesterday. Is it a plot? Whatever, it surely is a despicable act. Whoever stole it is a truly evil villain and should be hung from the rafters.


In January I was extremely excited


I was thrilled with this 2019 calendar

about the new calendar my Chandra gave me. It featured Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg doing her exercise workout. I was thrilled with it. I also remember wondering what to get Joe for his birthday. The guy is so creative with surprising me with unusual gifts for my birthday or whatever, it’s hard to do as well. ( Of course I know I don’t really have to.)

old yellow telephoneWasn’t that just yesterday? What happened? How did it ever get to be December? Today, I started calling around to see if I may have forgotten 2019 somewhere in the neighborhood. After all, I AM becoming a little forgetful.


My local Safeway


I checked at my local Safeway. The gal at the service desk had no idea where it could be. She looked at me in utter confusion. She must not be too bright….


Then, I tried the Apple Farm


My local Apple Farm

where I buy my fruits and veggies. They had my gray gloves behind their counter and were happy to get rid of them, but nowhere did they have the year I lost.

Terra Breads

I enjoy breakfast at Terra’s


I’m a determined sort. I went over to Terra’s, where I like to have breakfast. They once found my hearing aid, which fell out of my pocket, surely if they found 2019 they’d keep it for me. But, no, they didn’t have my year either.

The bakery where I sometimes buy bread?  ‘2019? You’re looking for 2019??? Lady, have you lost it?’
‘Yes. I’ve lost it.’ What doesn’t she get?


I’m no quitter

If I were a quitter, I’d have given up, but I’m not. I decided to check at home. It can happen. I sometimes misplace stuff, don’t you? I looked under my bed. Nothing but dust bunnies there. Was it in a closet? No. A kitchen cabinet? No. The linen closet? No, no, no! Goodness me. I REALLY can’t find it.


Hey, we can use a little help here. Do you have it? This just isn’t fair….


25 thoughts on “Where did 2019 go?

  1. Its where it has always been, The Past. Have a Merry Christmas in the Future but don’t forget , to always stay in the Present. Cheers , Dusty

      • Well, since you were kind enough to visit me, I figured I had better check. The cats sometimes hide things under our bed (dead lizards and the like), so I thought perhaps it might be there. Sadly, it was not. If you do find it, please let me know, as I could use it again myself!

  2. Oh no Muriel, you’ve lost it too? I’ve looked everywhere I could think of and come up with nothing but unwanted things. Seems a world wide conspiracy to me. We better hold on tight to 2020 from day one!

  3. Muriel, I’m so glad I read your blog. Do I have good news for you. I found your lost 2019. Yes you left it in California when you were visiting us. I had no idea you were so careless but what can I expect from a blog-a-holic like you. I called the shoe store and the women’s clothing store and both said they found part of 2019 that you lost. The rest must be in your bedroom at our house. We can’t take you anywhere. Love, Brian

  4. Hi Muriel, I looked all over the house and could not find it. Then I realized that I was looking for the past. So, I thought of the saying: “Yesterday is history. Tomorrow is a mystery. Today is a gift.. That is why they call it THE PRESENT.” So, 2019 will be history. Let us live the remaining days from December 3 to the 31st to the fullest as each day is a GIFT. Smile often as it uses fewer facial muscles than a frown. Dance alone to jazz music if you live alone. Forget about your cholesterol and live it up with chocolate ice cream, one scoop for 2019 and one scoop for 2020. Your eyesight will improve to “2020”. (chuckle). Great blog….as usual. Happy holidays to you and all your readers. Joe

  5. Love it! My sentiments exactly, Muriel. And each year seems to fly by more quickly than the last one!
    Do you think that meditation might help to slow things down? I must remember to try that;)

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