My mother knows everything??????

I don't need Google, SM

Susan and me clowning

When I look at the silly photo of Susan and me on the left, I have to laugh. This post is proof that Susan’s mother knows absolutely nothing and Susan’s cup is an out-and-out lie.

For instance, small scorpions are native to where Susan and Michael live in Nevada. Go figure. They’re not big. Susan compares their sting to that of a bee, still she admits the little monsters freak her out.

These scorpions are nocturnal. One night fearless Michael went out and caught one in a jar for us to see. We all studied it with interest. It was the same color as the ground it inhabits.


This is what the scorpion looked like in the jar with the black light on it

Then we were ushered into a dark room, where Michael turned on his ultraviolet flashlight (black light) and, wow, the scary-looking captured arachnid absolutely glowed in the dark!!! (See photo) I could hardly believe it. That creepy crawly turned a bright, shiny, greenish blue! Fascinating!

Scorpion, regular light

The scorpion looks like this normally

Seems the experts haven’t yet figured out just why this happens, so don’t expect me to understand any of it. This mother certainly knows nothing!

So much to learn — so little time. What an adventure life is!


14 thoughts on “My mother knows everything??????

  1. Amazing how different hot and dry climates are… Almost like an alien world. I find the desert very spiritual. Similar to winter in snowy climates (tho more like a flim negative of it).

  2. I’m not buying what you say here for a minute, Maughm. I KNOW you know everything — that’s a simple fact! How many times did you tell me what the right thing to do or not do was, I failed to listen, then I suffered the consequences? Had I realized your Google-like omniscience as a youth, I’m quite sure I would now be rich, thin, and beautiful — though as anyone can see, I look simply STUNNING in that photo!

  3. I can’t call you by name because I respect you (grandma). From childhood I was taught not to call elders by their name in India 😊

    Your life experiences has so many things in it that we young adults can learn from 🙏 💕

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