Remy wins ten bucks….


photo by Chandra

Don’t feel neglected. I was just away having a grand time and wasn’t here to write a post. Visited daughter Susan and her Michael at their lovely home up in the mountains of Nevada. They spoiled me rotten. Susan is very funny and I laughed a lot. I also managed to have a good rest.

There’s much more for me to tell you about my visit with the kids, but I don’t have time right now. Rafi and Remy arrive here tomorrow, and my Chandra gets here Thursday. Yeah! I love them. I’m delighted. I’m busy. Shall tell you more when I get a chance…..

Remy chopping wood 1, Alt, SM

Michael keeps a careful watch while Remy DOES chop wood.

Michael, an extremely capable guy, not only made great coffee for me each morning, but can put his hand to just about anything and do it well. He showed my 11-year-old grandson, Remy, how to properly handle an axe when chopping wood and NOT hurt yourself. Remy, no slouch either, got it.

Son Rafi, Remy’s dad, didn’t think Remy would succeed at chopping wood. Ha, ha! He of little faith offered the boy $10 if he managed it. Remy did! Pay up Rafi!

photo from newspaperRafi

Pay up Rafi!


16 thoughts on “Remy wins ten bucks….

  1. Most kids at eleven never saw an ax. Michael is to be admired for being a good teacher. And Rafi was clever in betting Remy ten bucks. Great moment in a child’s life. An experience to remember.

    • I agree. Remy is having experiences few children do. There is so much more to tell about my trip to Nevada, including our fabulous buffet and then some…. But, my wonderful kids arrive tonight and there is little time.

  2. Stories of your family are always fun to follow. When I was eleven my father had taught me how to chop wood, build a crab trap, use a table saw, jig for halibut, and handle an outboard runabout. And while I do none of those things today they are all priceless memories that I still get to share with Dad, who turned 100 last February. And if you ever need a crab trap Muriel, I’m your guy!

  3. Remy took to wood splitting like a fish to water. Wish we could have kept him here longer, as the pile of “to-be-chopped” wood is still huge! As for YOU, my crazy Maughm, we miss you SOOOOOO much already! Cisco and Jake send their love, and Michael wants to know when you are coming back to make him another salad and keep him company over coffee in the morning. We love you!

    • I’ll never be the same again Susan: Loved every minute with you. Obviously, the apple didn’t fall far from the tree. You are funny and as nutty as I am. I enjoyed every minute. Much love to you AND my Michael.

  4. Born in 1961 and raised in a small BC town, I realize I got a chance to “time travel” and be part of the last of the world that’s been around, if not for 100-200 years, then thousands. That’s the world of wood heating, outhouses, and hand pumped water. Tho the water was one of those new-fangled pumps that are ACTUALLY INSIDE YOUR KITCHEN!!!
    . . . And in the 70’s, we’ve moved near my hippy brothers who were doing the back-to-the-land movement, so they too had wood stoves and coal oil (kerosene) lamps in log homes. They did have running water in the house though – toilet and bath 🛁 and everything!
    . . .
    When my wife and I bought a digital camera, I was shocked to realize that up until that point in 2007, that the film camera we had been using was technology from the Victorian era! All chemicals and springs and wires to operate the camera.

    I really miss not using a computer.

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