A remedy for overpopulation???

Muriel2017Nature sometimes does get things right, but things can go awry. It isn’t nature’s fault. Usually man screws it up — and things have gone very wrong when it comes to human procreation.

As you know, what I do best is worry/ One of the multiple things that worry me now is the overpopulation of our planet, which, poor thing, is sagging under the weight of us all, especially with so many of us in the west being overweight. How did this happen?


We’re wired for it

It was once a good idea to have oodles of kids because so few of them made it to adulthood. Childhood was dangerous — diseases and mishaps could kill us long before we grew up. Modern medicine, however, has more treatments than MacDonald’s has hamburgers and so many more of us survive.


If sex weren’t so darned pleasurable..

manonseatWhat to do? As I see it, if having sex weren’t so darned pleasurable, there wouldn’t be so many babies and that might help. How many woman would opt to go through the pain and discomfort of childbirth and those endless, sleepless nights afterwards without the joys of sex?

If having sex wasn’t so much fun, there wouldn’t be any need for abortions. The states of Alabama and Georgia wouldn’t bother with making abortions illegal, as they are planning to do right now. After all, it’s obvious only people who don’t want children, but still want to enjoy sex, (which we are wired for) require them. Right?


No way mister!

May I suggest instead that both states immediately start working at finding a way to make copulation terribly unpleasant. That would do it. If they accomplish this, they can avoid passing laws which will, once again, lead to women perishing on kitchen tables.


Nah, I’m not in the mood


8 thoughts on “A remedy for overpopulation???

  1. A friend of mine who has a life-long handicap that affects her spine to some degree recently told me that she is physically incapable of “the big O”, so she has never had one. And yet, she has two sons (and several grandchildren), while I never had kids. Go figure!

  2. I agree, Muriel. Almost every thing humans rely on will start running out soon. We rely on water stored in huge continental aquifers underground, and we are taking out that water much faster than it can be refilled.
    . . . Plus Global Warming is causing droughts and floods destroying food crops, which is going to mean severe food shortages. I think Ethiopia is under starvation alerts now…

  3. “May I suggest instead that both states immediately start working at finding a way to make copulation terribly unpleasant.”
    This has been attempted, by law mind you, and probably by most states south of the Mason-Dixon line and largely with the aid of the religious right. If the goal wasn’t to make copulation unpleasant it was certainly intended to make it boring. These laws were all overturned by the SCOTUS but with that body’s current cast one never knows.

    • Gosh Paul: I wrote this so long ago I had to reread it to remind myself about what I wrote. Ha, ha. Thank you for reading it.
      Today things are even worse, or I’ll use a new word I made up — worster. The religious right? Yup. Cheers, Muriel

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