Complaining again???


photo by Chandra

I heard on CBC Radio a group of young people is suing the US government regarding destruction of the environment. The warnings are ominous — if we don’t act right now, the future looks bleak. Scientists warn hundreds of thousands will die of thirst and lack of food due to climate warming.

I live in what is supposedly a forward-thinking country, so what’s wrong with our politicians. Our young prime minister has young children of his own. Is he not concerned about their future? He insists the Trans Mountain pipeline will/must be built. He’s already committed my tax dollars to it.



Construction of Transmtnpipe

Trans Mountain Pipeline

If the federal government succeeds, this pipeline will carry diluted bitumen all the way from Edmonton, Alberta, right across our ‘Naturally Beautiful’ British Columbia to Burnaby. From there the bitumen will travel by tanker across the water to wherever they want to process our dirty oil.

Kinder Morgan's Trans Mountain Pipe

Trans Mountain Pipeline, not pretty

Where there are pipes there ARE leaks, and the risk of oil spills along the route are likely. What the increased tanker traffic will do to our already stressed and endangered orcas and other marine life can only be imagined. I’m heartbroken…


tanker to carry bitumen on our waters

The governing party in my province needed the small Green Party to form a coalition in order to give them a majority. I counted on the Greens to keep them from doing too much harm to our environment.

Still, our province has approved a huge Liquid Natural Gas project In Kitimat, the Northern part of B. C. There is nothing ‘natural’ about the process used to extract the gas.Would you want something  looking like this in your back yard?


LNG Project.

Besides, we’re told this ‘massive’ project will require a 670 kilometre ‘Coastal GasLink’ pipeline to the LNG plant. Another pipeline….and more tankers in our waters.
There are dozens of LNG projects around the world. Just check Mr. Google.

Recently, I read about a housewife located close to one LNG project who complained you could light the water coming out of her kitchen faucets with a match. Would you want to drink that? The officials claimed the LNG fracking had nothing to do with it.


LNG Tanker — what will it do to marine life?

Years ago, when California announced tight restrictions on environmentally damaging cars or projects, opponents believed businesses would flee en-masse or collapse. It never happened. Instead California became a leader in safer, cleaner and lucrative industries. (Check it out.)

funny lady at computer

You may disagree

What would I prefer? Thinking about creating healthier, less environmentally damaging projects for the financial well-being of our children in the future. You need not agree with me. These are just my thoughts…. You are welcome to try to convince me I’m wrong.


10 thoughts on “Complaining again???

  1. You are right, Muriel. Sometimes I think there must be another habitable planet out there that only the rich know about. When they use up earth, they’ll go there.

  2. Right on, Muriel! Thank you for writing so clearly about this important issue. Some of us can see the errors of “our politicians'” ways, and are thinking about the future of the planet and all of the life that’s on it (at least that is remaining on it, so far).

  3. Muriel, Your blog is not a complaint. It is a logical conclusion. I am not an expert on pipelines so I can not properly comment on the pros and cons. I do support your point of view as it makes a lot of sense. Besides, I would rather be on your side than the politicians. Joe

  4. Yeay! Way to go, Muriel! Finally maybe we will do something! At least Trudeau held an emergency cabinet meeting about it. I don’t know what the hell he is going to do with Alberta, Doug Ford, and all the others naysayers though.

    I guess they don’t have sea level rise, so they are less aware than those of us on the coasts. And of course Alberta is worried about its bread and butter. But surely the threat of drought or rainstorms could cause major problems for the prairie farmers?

    I think our two years in a row of forest fire smoke has scared the shit out of BC’ers. I know it sure has me. So we are much more believing in Global Warming (GW).

    I guess what I can’t understand is: Why does anyone want to take such scary, scary chances on our future? OK, lets say you aren’t sure if GW is real. Do you really want to take such a HUGE chance with something we are COMPLETELY dependent on?

    I now realize that the “Conservatives” are NOT conservative in the slightest. They are reckless beyond compare. Because conservative means being cautious and not taking chances. I used to think they had been taken over by greedy Big Business.

    But, my biggest fear is the collapse of the world economies due to people having to rebuild their homes, over and over and over and over again. The amount of money that is going to have to be spent on constantly repairing infrastructure is going to be just HUGE. And this isn’t merely a fear of mine, its becoming a fact, as we all can see.

    So that means the Conservative parties have been taken over by Big Oil, not by Big Business. Because the collapse of the economies is going to completely destroy all the rich people’s fortunes, unless they invest in sandbags and forest fire suppression.

    I’m shocked that given that the Conservative parties are all about being “business sensible”, that none of the bigwigs thought to talk to the Insurance Companies, who are experts in predicting economic damage from floods and forest fires. I can’t comprehend why they wouldn’t move to protect their long-term investments and head off Global Warming?

    My guess is that Big Oil used a lot of muscle and money to dissuade any Conservatives from believing that Global Warming (GW) was real. Even though, apparently, the oil execs knew themselves that GW was real.

    I read that a few years ago, there was a candidate wanting to be the Republican nominee for president. He was the PERFECT conservative in EVERY way – against gun control, extremely Evangelical, against abortion, against women’s rights, all for big tax cuts and cutting Democrat programs, etc, etc, etc…
    . . . There was only one problem: He believed that Global Warming was real, and caused by man. Ooops! Out you go – automatic disqualification.

    I’m hoping I live three decades, because I’m SUPER interested to see how all this plays out. And I’m not very proud of myself, because I am going to be going “I told you so!” constantly.

    I am a firm believer in Pre-Determinism, so I think whatever is meant to happen, will happen. So, I don’t think we could have done the thing which we ALL would have liked, which would have been to start converting away from carbon back in the 1980’s when we could have done it really nice and gradually, and there would have been ZERO pain, instead of movies called “Who Killed the Electric Car” detailing the oil companies’ pressure on the auto industry.

    I think mankind is being forced to realize something we have been in denial about, which is that we DO affect the world. In particular, big business will have a painful, painful lesson to learn. Unfortunately, it will all affect us in painful, painful ways, and many, many people will die. There will probably have to be Military Rule to take the actions required to fight fires and floods, similar to during World War II.
    . . . And big business will be required to cough up huge amounts of taxes to pay for it all, lest the world fall into complete chaos.

    Interesting times indeed.

    Thanks so much for posting this, Muriel. And hopefully I haven’t ruffled any feathers… 🙂

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