It’s a rant — about entitlement


I can also have fun — here recently with Vinson

Grrrrr. Why is it some people feel they’re ‘entitled’? I

Rapist entitled?

Rapist entitled????

hear on CBC radio that a young man admits he raped his girlfriend because he wanted sex and felt he was ‘entitled’. Entitled? Yes, he really said that. Is this what we teach our sons? They’re entitled?

A woman arrives late to an exercise class and declares to another already seated, she’s sitting in ‘her’ seat. When did the latecomer buy that seat I wonder? What makes her think she’s entitled to it. The first woman gives her seat up. I wish she hadn’t. What is this nonsense anyway?

That's my seat

Move. You’re in my seat!

I join an art class at a senior centre, arrive before anyone else on the first day of the new season, pick a seat where I feel the light will serve me and my vision well, and wait for class to start. When the others arrive, I’m told my seat belongs to someone else. I give up the seat, but don’t return. Since when do seats belong to anyone???

I, myself, prefer a particular table at the local cafe where I like to have coffee in the morning. The light there is good for reading. It’s closer to the milk for my coffee and, yes, I have dealt with pain when walking. I do like to sit there. I arrive later one morning and a woman I don’t know is sitting there. She asks if I want ‘my’ seat. My seat? I tell her I don’t own any seat at the cafe. Did she think I’d ask her to move? Not me..

Our strata has rules. They supposedly apply to all of us. I try to abide by them. One is that we are not to leave personal belongings in common areas. However some owners feel entitled to do so. Last week, while attending a Strata Council meeting, I note personal stuff abounds in our hobby room. How come? Why are certain individuals entitled to break rules I’d never break. No one is ‘entitled’.

Garbage in woods. jpg.jpg

trash disposed of in our woods by the ‘entitled’

I hear about wonderful volunteers clearing up local wooded areas, where they need to remove tons of disposed garbage, old cars, broken furniture, rusting machines and all kinds of unwanted items. What’s going on? What kind of world are we leaving to our grand-children?

We have too much of this self-centered behavior. No one is ‘entitled’ to ruin our environment because they don’t want to pay or bother to dispose of items properly. If you are guilty, stop.

There is nothing new with people feeling entitled, I recall reading about the unsavory, rather vile composer Wagner. If ever anyone ever existed who felt ‘entitlement’, it was he. He’d park himself and his wife in your home, sponge money off you, never pay it

Composer Wagner


back, and sleep with your wife. He readily accepted help from friends and then wrote nasty articles about them in the press. This man really believed he should be provided for by others because he was a ‘genius’ and ‘entitled’ to be given whatever he wanted so he could pursue his ambitions. Let’s not emulate him. (I would have preferred not to like any of his music, but I can’t say that is true. I do like some of it.)

Whew! Glad to get this off my chest. The idea of ‘entitlement’ has been bothering me of late.






















12 thoughts on “It’s a rant — about entitlement

  1. This topic of “entitlement” is complicated. Many young adults today feel they are entitled to do what they feel like doing. Their parents set the rules on home behavior, school behavior, dating behavior and more yet because we are living in the “computer age” we are exposed to new freedoms. Younger people feel “entitled” to do things that we elderly folks were not “entitled” to do while growing up. Your blog exposes some of the unpleasant behavior such as of claiming “this is my seat” etc, which I believe is not the norm but the exception. The tone of voice and the attitude is important when claiming “your table”. If it is done with a valid reason and accompanied by a smile I believe people will get along fine. I do not believe that there is one specific answer to who is entitled to what. Your attitude defines who you are and not the “entitlement”.

  2. People of all ages claim “entitlement.” It’s not a new phenomenon but it is becoming more and more prevalent as shown in politics, entertainment and the general media. It is a cultural power grab for personal space in a world increasingly more suspicious and selfish. Your post nails it perfectly.

  3. Another tale of entitlement. When the Dowager Queen Mary (consort of George V and grandmother to the present monarch) would deign to visit private homes (usually among the landed gentry) she would often admire a piece of art, a collectible knick-knack, or some other little treasure. The expectation, which everyone in those circles understood, was that if the Dowager “admired” something of yours you would send it to her within a few days as a “gift” to thank her for gracing your humble home. Oddly, she received fewer and fewer invitations as the years went by.

    Now that’s entitlement!

  4. Entitlement. Privilege. Are those words synonyms? I see a lot of entitled behaviour as I move through my day, just as I see kindness and generosity. My pet peeve in terms of entitlement is skipping the line, what we used to call “ditching.” A person who pushes ahead seems to be saying, “I matter more than you.” (Unless what I suspect is true, that I have been struck invisible.) Here’s a story about those “entitled” youngins. Today I was walking around the corner behind my vet’s office to wait for my taxi. As I set my cat’s carrier on the sidewalk, I saw a young couple sitting in a car in the lane. They looked at me as they talked. The man drove up beside me, and the young woman leaned out the window. “How far are you going? Is someone coming for you?” I told her a taxi was on its way and thanked her for her kindness. She said, “How could we not make sure you had a way home?” I’ll try to remember that the next time entitlement rears its ugly head.

    • Skipping in line? Oh, I just hate that too Judy: But, like you I am also aware of the kindness of strangers. Thank you for reminding me of that — you made my day. Many strangers have been kind to me. Cheers, Muriel

  5. Hi Muriel: So nice to see you once again at the recent WIDHH Gala. As usual, you were your ‘wonderful self’ making the rounds and socializing with all who attended. I very much appreciate your ‘rant’ on entitlement. My pet peeve is the people in their cars who seem to think that we all want to hear what their music likes are. Some people have their music ‘mostly rap music’ turned up so loud that it not only makes their car bounce….but mine as well. Most times these people are the ones who will go out into the woods, and instead of listening to the birds and nature, will ruin it for everyone within miles by turning up the speakers so loud that it drowns out everything else. No consideration of anyone else but themselves. They are the same ones who would attend a movie theatre and be using their smart phones much to the chagrin of those surrounding them trying to enjoy the movie. Thanks Muriel for allowing my ‘rant’ as well. Be well and you’ve always got a ‘seat’ at my table. Jim

    • Thanks Jim: It was good to see you too. Everyone seems to have some pet peeves when it comes to entitlement. It would take a book to cover all of them. Wow! I’m obviously not alone on this one. Cheers, Muriel

  6. Hi Muriel. I enjoyed your rant. At this moment I can’t recollect anything of the sort you write about in my personal life, despite going to two exercise classes and drinking numerous cups of coffee! It may be that I have been lucky or because my acquaintances tend to be Quakers, who would never be expected to behave in that way. But I remember when we lived in Prague how impressed I was that young people gave up their seats in the tube (underground) to the oldies in a way they didn’t often do in London: but then a Prague local told me that under communism everyone had to to provide seats to the oldies who then took advantage of it and ordered younger people out of their seats if they didn’t get up quickly enough! It’s catching…

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